Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Government and US.

What kind of information do you think the United States government should collect about you?

This is the question I was confronted by on my browsers' homepage.

I wonder if they would like to look in my cars' trunk?

At first I was tempted to respond with ... "I really don't care; I have nothing to hide."  Thought better of that and realized they probably already know more about me than I can remember about myself now due to old age forgetfulness.

I believe the fact that we have come to mistrust our government speaks volumes about it's declining standing in world opinion.  As Bernie Sanders said "Our country is in a race to see who can get to the bottom first." Or some thing like that.

Can you feel the building pressure?  It's similar to diving too deep under the ocean.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A comment left on a friend's blog (Fred First)

Fred ... you have touched upon an aspect of life that is more meaningful to some of us than even you might believe.
I was talking to a friend at breakfast this morning. It was just him and myself at a large table that had the potential to become so noisy at a time when every chair was filled, it was difficult to be heard by the person next to you. We often go deeper into some topics than others. I was trying to express how I felt at times, now that I am 74 and those things I loved to do, like hunting, fishing, gardening and yard-work, have become so difficult and demanding, they have lost most of what made them enjoyable for me in the past. The realization for me WAS; it's not that the activities has changed ... it was ME that was doing all the changing. TOO EASY! Yes! Many things can become too easy but for so many of us, things have gotten too difficult.

I told my friend that lately, I had this feeling of becoming separated from life as I once knew it. For me, memories are all that I have left concerning certain aspects of life. Now I fear a time when even those will be lost to me.

If you would like to read the post on Fred's Blog that inspired the above comment, use

Thursday, February 27, 2014

If I could talk to my 22 year old self

Hello!  Do you have a few minutes?  I’d sure like to talk to you a bit.

Please don’t be shocked, but what you see before you is YOU fifty years from now.  I know that at some point in the near future, you will adopt the belief that you are destined not to make it until your fortieth birthday. Please allow that fact to reveal to you exactly how wrong you can be.

I do not know how or who made this opportunity possible but please know that I am thankful for it. You have already made one very large mistake. You married at 19, have a two year old daughter, left them behind and joined the U. S Army.  Even now, your lonely, vengeful, young wife is pregnant and will bear another daughter.  Do you see how messy life can be when you rush at it like charging an enemy machine-gun position? Reckless is what you are right now. Reckless and stupid!

You couldn’t wait to be out in the world, living life as you thought best. Do you remember what that man who ran the Guest House at Ft. Sill tried to tell you?  You were stomping around, ranting loudly about how awful life was. Your wife surprised you with your baby girl, left home to be with you, where she thought a good wife should be.  You didn’t want them there. You were doing your best to run away from your responsibilities. That man said “Young fellow, this world doesn’t own you a thing. You will get out of your life exactly what you are willing to invest in it.  Hard work, dedication, honoring the commitments you make, not by blaming everyone but yourself.   
You wouldn’t hear it then … but the day will come when his words will ring truer than any other hard-learned lesson life will teach you. They don’t call learning about life your way, The School of hard knocks for nothing. Believe me when I say, in the near future you will not be any more receptive to good advice than you are at this moment. 

Hell mister, you won’t even consider yourself grown-up until you are thirty-one years old. By then you will have married and divorced your second wife with whom you were careless enough to impregnate twice. Three children to support and you barely have what passes for a job.

The road ahead is steep. In fact, some might define it as a mountain. But, have heart, you can overcome this formidable obstacle if you are willing to change, apply yourself and consider well the next steps you will take.

I know … you are asking yourself where one can find direction, reliable guidance and help.  You are not worthless or stupid, though some have implied as much.  You have been witness to excellent examples of how one should live life.  You Mother left you that tape. You listened to it, sobbing all the while.  She made some wild prophecies, visions of the future and you … you did not believe one word of it. 

The day will come when you grow tired of taking the wrong path and paying the penalties imposed by life.  You will not be thinking clearly then for you rely upon your own understanding. 

There is an aspect of life that you have ignored; put completely out of your consciousness. At a time when you have surpassed the limit of years you have imagined for your lifespan, you WILL have an experience that will expand your mind, vision, understanding and knowledge. From that point on, you WILL be changed.  You will be a new man. You will be introduced to the spiritual aspect of life.  You will become wiser than you ever imagined and creativity will flow through you like a rushing wind. You will discover your soul and know the source of all life. You will be inspired to write, you will have a difficult time accepting all the gifts you will be blessed with.

True love will come, love so strong and pure, you will at first doubt that it is possible for it to exist.  It will fill you to overflowing, so abundant that there will be enough to share with all the world.

The new man that you become will live a blessed life from then on. Be humble, gentle and receptive to the spirit world that is all around you. You will be tested. All blessed men are.  You will share that blessed life with another that will become one flesh. Two score plus years you will share with her … and then, eternity awaits both of you, full of love everlasting.

Your path through life will be well lit and certain. Your steps will be confident and sure.  Fear not for you have been faithful always.

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Internet has gone commercial and become totally useless.

Do you remember when people used to talk about "the information highway" while trying to describe the Internet?
I suppose I've been away from the Internet in general for too long a time. A few minutes ago I attempted to go to a website that I used all the time couple years ago. It is called "how stuff works." My, my, my, how things have changed while I was away. I used to go there for answers and found them in abundance. Now, all I find there are ads; ads for how to purchase the item I was trying to get information about. I didn't inquire about prices or where I might find them should I decide to buy one.

Could someone out there enlighten this dumb old hillbilly? Do you know a website that tells you how to fix things and in doing so explains how it works?

Or, failing that, if you are someone whom in the past has needed to discover how a dual flush toilet works, perhaps you could share with me how you found out. I would appreciate it immensely. If you would be so kind, please share with me, via e-mail what ever you might consider to be helpful to me. My address is clarence DOT bowles AT gmail DOT com.

Thanking you in advance


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

True Confessions about Senior Sex

For most of my adult life, I've often stated … If God made something better than sex when he made mankind … He must have kept it for Himself, either that or I've been sheltered from exposure to it.  That goes along with another old saying … One cannot miss what one has not experienced.

What courage all the commenters here have and I include myself in sharing that opinion.  I may be wrong but so far only females have contributed to this topic.  I do so reluctantly because I know myself so well. 

On April third, my wife and I will celebrate our 42nd wedding anniversary. We still LOVE one another in all the ways it can be demonstrated but there has been no sex for a long time.  It's almost impossible for me to convey to another person exactly how much I miss it in our relationship. I almost lost her over two years ago.  Thank God, she is still with us.  Heart failure came with her genetic heritage.  Every relative she has lost was due to some form of heart condition.  I cannot bear thinking about what life would be like now without her.  Even if I could perform sexually, I'm not sure I would risk it out of fear that such exertion might kill one or both of us.  I remember what I felt like afterward.  It was everything all the great writers say it should be and at times, I believe I could have just faded away into the ether as we lay there side by side after expressing our love so vigorously.

I'm doing my best to refrain from going into something humorous right now. Actually, it's a very serious topic and one we know so little about because so few are willing to do what some here have done. TALK ABOUT IT!

You did an expert job of it yourself Ronni.  If only all of us could express ourselves as eloquently as you and not cross over some forbidden line.

I am 72 years old.  No one put me out to pasture.  I did it myself.
I swung the gate open and walked through, knowing full well what I was about.  No one is to blame but I.  I brought it all upon myself and I hate to think that I have deprived the woman I love more than my own life the pleasures of sex.  I say all that even though I'm not positive that our life together would have been any different now had I not done all those things in my past that have combined to keep me from being the lover I wish I could be now.  Sex IS a brain thing.  Whomever said that in their comment was right. But the brain is not the only thing involved. I still have the desire.  I still lust for the experience again but the fear of failure will always keep my desire and lust at bay.

I constantly worry about what some tell me is the inevitable. That is … one day I could lose all those precious sexual memories.  I love to sit alone and remember.  It has a pleasure all its own.  That is the one time I'm more worried than other times, fearing the loss of memory.  What a terrible shame it would be. 

My wife is twelve years younger than myself.  I wonder to myself … does she ever have such bouts of recall concerning the sex we have enjoyed together? If she does, is it a pleasure for her also?  If that's the case, why is it that she has never told me about it.  I can't count the number of times I have asked her a question about something, anything … and she comes back with … I haven't really thought about it. So, perhaps you can understand why I would be hesitant to ask her that question I wondered about earlier in this very paragraph.  I'm afraid that she will have a similar retort.  You see, I know that even at her more youthful age, she too is experiencing common bouts of forgetfulness, but it most likely short-term memory loss; at least, I hope that is the case.

Whenever I can bring myself to study my physical appearance in a mirror, I am truly disgusted by what I see.  That image is not one that represents my mental age.  In my mind, I am still that desirable man she once yearned to caress and hold tightly to her own bare flesh in a lustful embrace.  I am still capable and skilled at giving her pleasure.  Those kind of thoughts vanish quickly when I allow myself to see the real ME.

She no longer snuggles back in my direction when I come to our bed and lay down close to her, reaching out an arm to draw her close.  I can't blame her for that reaction. She is only being REAL. YES! We still touch one another in our own special way.  We are still capable of conveying passion with our hands and hugs, but they are rarely shared between us. I don't know why that should be … it simply is so.  Why; we even hold hands now and then as we walk along side by side.  It doesn't feel strange, not to me.  It is however, strange whenever I do think about the way we once were.  If that makes any sense whatsoever.  And yet, it seems that not too long ago, our 39 year old daughter noticed us embracing at what must have seemed to her as an unusual time and her joking reaction was … Hey! Get a room you two.  I wonder if she knows how much those words mean to us?