Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Desires of my heart

I dedicate this one to my Sister, Julie who gave me the inspiration for it by writing in her email today...”May you receive the desires of your heart.” I wonder if she knows how impossible a task that seems to me right now?

The desires of my heart have nothing to do with "things." What can you buy for someone who has their every need met, that is unless you want to buy me a new Toyota Truck this year. So far...I don't really need one but it sure would come in handy when there is some household hauling to do. Actually, I have a next door neighbor with a nice truck who doesn't mind helping me out if I really NEED a truck for some reason.

Give me a warm spring day with refreshing breezes. Let me see smiling faces on the people walking by with their children. Let me hear laughter and childish giggles. Just once....fix it so when I turn on the TV News all I hear is good news. Now that would be a priceless gift.

Tell me you are happier than you ever dreamed you could be and make me believe it without doubting. Tell me how great it is to wake up each morning after a peaceful night's sleep and how much you are looking forward to the day ahead.

Tell me something that makes my eyes glisten with tears of joy. Share something with me that makes my heart swell to the bursting point with happiness for you. Tell me how good God is and how blessed your life is. Don't give me a music CD...sing me a song instead and let the words be ones that have great meaning for much meaning that I can feel what you feel when you sing them.

Say or do something that brings me inspiration so powerful that all I can do is dwell on the thoughts that result and when I am through thinking them, I will sigh with the satisfaction of the experience.

Tell me that this day, not one person will go to bed hungry, or that not one person will die today or that for one twenty-four hour period of time all pain will be banished from this planet and have it be true. I know...that’s asking for the impossible.
You know what really amazes me? It’s the realization that I possess the ability to even dare to think such thoughts.

To all Pastors Everywhere

Take one ordinary person, forgive their sins by grace

Add the Holy Spirit, place a smile upon their face

You now have a Christian, a born-again child of the King
For some of them that’s plenty, others are destined for a special thing

Add one very high calling, spiritual instruction from the throne
Give them a well used Bible, send them out on their own

Led by God’s Holy Spirit, they follow a well lit trail
Assailed by Satan’s arrows, his goal is to make them fail

Countless hours spent in prayer, they cry a river of tears
And share the burdens of many, through the passing years

Their hearts full of compassion, spiritual wisdom from their lips
And if they are so anointed, healing from their finger tips

They feed God’s flock with the bread of life from his Holy Word
Molding the sheep with teachings in the preaching they have heard

They seldom think of their own needs, their lives they gave to Him
They set their gaze on eternity though their mortal vision may dim

They can see the future crystal clear, that meeting in the air
And because they do God’s bidding, they hope to meet us there

These chosen Saints, trusted by God, He gave a title to
His Word calls them “Pastor,” they see a Godly view

Because they see us through His eyes and love in a Godly way
It’s you we try to honor on our Pastor Appreciation Day

Written by Clarence A. Bowles on March 30 1985
Edited on Feb 02, 2009

My Family Responsibilities

Recently, while looking around my Internet neighborhood, I noticed something called “The Question of the day.”  That day the question was “What are your family responsibilities?”  It struck me as an interesting question so later I devoted some pondering time to it.

At first the thought entered my mind that no one would read a list that I might compose that included all my personal duties within my family, legitimate or imagined.

Another thought I had, which was also a question was, “How does one become responsible for something; anything within their family group?”

I didn’t believe that anyone would enjoy reading the list of 100 things about me that I composed a year or two ago either but I came to find out just how wrong I was about that also.

I want to take a stab at making a list of my family responsibilities in spite of that risk that posting it here has the potential for boring lots of folk, or not.  For that statement to be true I would need to have a lot of regular readers and I don’t believe that I do, really.

The first thing on my list should be:
·      Being wrong about more things than anyone else in the family.

I believe that may well be because I am so eager to show off my accumulated life skills.

Among my siblings I have always been known as “Professor Know-it-all” and for good reason.

It’s because I’ve always believed that I DID…Know-it-all that is. When it turns out that I don’t know it all then I am deemed to be wrong, thus the motive for item number one on my list.

All joking aside, I do seem to have a much longer list of responsibilities than any other family member.

In an effort to have anyone who may be reading my lengthy list to be fully informed and aware, I feel I should provide another list and that is a list of who it is that makes up MY little family group.

Me, myself and I (Husband, brother-in-law and human to our pets)
Maureen (wife, sister and top human to our pets)
Gail (sister to Maureen, sister-in-law to myself and number two human to our pets)
Jenny (Top Dog, spoiled rotten Bitch that she is) Can I say that here?  Sure I can
Lucy (Cat) enough said.

On with the list:
1.    EVERYTHING…especially when anything goes wrong with anything.

OK! I took the easy way out.  That’s the way it seems to me but we all know that I am wrong so often that this is probably one of those times.

Actually it would probably be easier to make a list of the things I know for certain I am not responsible for in our family group.

Just as I thought!  I can’t come up with one thing.

Bathing in the glow of our golden years

I was not aware of the exact time, nor can I be absolutely sure as to the day of the week; I can however assure you that the event which would follow in the next few minutes has been indelibly etched upon my faltering mental systems.  I may not recall where I filed it but when I do rediscover it, it will stand out from most of the files associated with and included among the small number of such memorable events because the depth of the impression will appear so much deeper than any of the others.

We carried our own cups of freshly poured, piping hot coffee outside and sat down where we normally would around the glass-topped patio table.  The retractable awning had been deployed all night long, preventing any possible dew from settling on the afore mentioned table or the chair cushions.

The sun had not yet peeped over the tree line in the distance or the horizon thousands of miles beyond that. It was pre-dawn but there was plenty of ambient light surrounding us.

Maureen lit up a cigarette, drew from it deeply, inhaled and exhaled the smoke into the slight breeze, which thankfully flowed in a direction away from myself. I don't try to get her to stop the harmful habit. She didn't treat me that way back when I was still smoking.  I'm the same way about that as I have been with my own personal beliefs.  I've been a Christian for 24 years now.  She knows and accepts that fact.  That's enough for me.  I can only hope that she has been paying attention to how I've lived my life since then and that one day, she too will desire to ask Christ into her life as He wills it. I've convinced myself that He will deal with her directly in His own good time...not mine. 

The coffee tasted wonderful.  That first cup is so special.  It has a purpose and it does it well.  Slowly, we are becoming fully awake and aware of our surroundings.  Few words are exchanged between us. We can hear one another taking deep breaths and enjoying the pure elation of simply being alive at such a time as this.

It was a beautiful spring day, all around us was the grandeur of God's creation.  The sights, the sounds, the fragrances; surely it doesn't get any better than this was the thought that lingered in my own mind.

Then, suddenly, the faint glowing orange rim of the rising sun appeared in the eastern sky.  Both of us had noticed and remained silent because we didn't want to miss one tiny bit of the experience.  Her voice was first to break the silence.
"During most of my working life; whenever I tried to imagine what it would be like to be retired; this is exactly how I imagined it would be."

I can't begin to explain how I felt at that moment.  I can only say that I was somewhere beyond "Happy."

I pursued happiness just like our constitution assured me that I had the right to do.  I pursued it until it caught up with me one day when I least expected it. 

Maureen's words impacted me with the force of a sledgehammer striking a soft, lead plate. It left a circular crater with a raised rim.  Truth rushed in and filled the sudden void the blow had caused and I sat back, relaxed and realized that at that moment in time, my world was a giant step closer to completeness.

That's all I've ever asked from life.  To know that in some small way, I had contributed to the reaching of a life-long goal of someone I've loved more than myself for all these years.

As the sun continued to climb in the eastern sky, I turned to gaze upon my sweet bride and realized that she was now being bathed in the shining light of our golden years too. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A rambling rant that goes nowhere.


I HATE RAP!  I don't understand why it is classified as "Music."

Because of the constitution and Freedom of Speech, I have the right to say it.  Thank You Forefathers and all the others that made what Amendments that precious document includes for being so thoughtful and selfless.
I continue: If the "N" Word is so offensive to so many, how come one of the early Rap Groups named themselves "NWA?"

I looked it up.  That stands for Niggas Wit Attitude.  I suppose, so long as you alter the spelling of the word and you are of the right race, it's alright for you to use it so openly and at the same time, so covertly; attempting to disguise and conceal the meaning from anyone not in the know.

They certainly didn't use that same technique when they composed a Rap titled "Fuck the police."  I know that just by my typing that first, vulgar, four letter word in the title of that Rap will offend most of the people that might read it. You would have known what I meant if I had typed F_ _ K, so why bother? I wanted to be authentic with my facts and I believe I have been. Then, they make a movie about the group and some certain peoples rave about how great it is. It may have been well produced and performed but it's no Master piece

Look; if you are of the BLACK race, unless you only recently migrated to this country from Africa and became a naturalized citizen through the designated process, you are no more an African American than I am just because your skin color is black.

I honestly regret that so many of the black race have suffered so much at the hands of bigoted, racist non-black people.  I wrote that last sentence as I did because it's not only Caucasian people that are racist and bigoted. The black race has its' own kind of racism against any and all other people who don't treat them as they feel they should be treated.

I hate that I have my own prejudices.  Yes! Prejudices; Plural, more than one.  I've pondered on the matter at length.  How did I acquire the ones I have?  It may be attributed to "Nurture."  I picked it up by a process akin to osmosis.  I was exposed to it frequently and it simply soaked in, through my young skin, or eyes, or ears.  I've learned so many of my likes and dislikes that way.  I don't care for most bugs, snakes, spiders, bees, skunks, wolves, bears, cougars, large animals of any type, and so on. If you noticed, there is a theme implied in that list.  It's related to fear or anything that might do me harm or cause me pain and suffering.  I believe most of us feel that same way. It isn't based on anything as specific as color. 

Dark clouds or dark skies could mean storms are on the way.  Who likes storms?   The color red is associated with a warning of some kind. Color affects us in various ways though out our lives.  Seems that we human beings can see danger everywhere.  We are alert for signs and signals all the time. Most of the time, our reflexes are automatic.  We don't need to think about it before we act.  It just comes naturally.  Fight or flight; you know how that goes. 

So, what causes most women of all colors to grow tense and leery of any number of young, black men in situations like being alone on an elevator, or waiting for a bus at a bus stop or walking home on a residential street after dark? Do they react the same to a small group of young white men?  Is all that fear related to personal experience or news items on our televisions? Who can say for sure but it is learned via some kind of input into one's life.

I do not know what fate awaits our country down the road but some say all great civilizations are brought down from within.  I can understand that kind of thinking.  Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it, some say.  I've been in this world for seventy-five years now.  I've seen more events over the years that were horrible than I care to recall.  I would hate to think we could go through that again.  Yet, I look around and see that we haven't learned enough yet.  We are not where we should be after centuries of experiences.  I wish I had more positive expectations.  I hate being one of the glass half empty types; but I am.

I doubt that gathering together and singing "we will overcome" is going to do it.  If you have any good ideas, let it be known to those in charge.  I can't seem to have any affect on them.  Lord knows, I have tried.
GOD BLESS THE USA. He may be our only hope.