Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bathing in the shining light of our golden years

I was not aware of the exact time, nor can I be positively sure as to the day of the week; I can however assure you that the event which would follow in the next few minutes has been indelibly etched upon my faltering mental systems. I may not recall where I filed it but when I do rediscover it, it will stand out from most of the files associated with and included among the small number of such memorable events because the depth of the impression will appear so much deeper than any of the others.

We carried our own cups of freshly poured, piping hot coffee outside and sat down where we normally would around the glass-topped patio table. The retractable awning had been deployed all night long, preventing any possible dew from settling on the afore mentioned table or the chair cushions.

The sun had not yet peeped over the tree line in the distance or the horizon thousands of miles beyond that. It was pre-dawn but there was plenty of ambient light surrounding us.

Maureen lit up a cigarette, drew from it deeply, inhaled and exhaled the smoke into the slight breeze, which thankfully flowed in a direction away from myself. I don't try to get her to stop the harmful habit. She didn't treat me that way back when I was still smoking. I'm the same way about that as I have been with my own personal beliefs. I've been a Christian for 24 years now. She knows and accepts that fact. That's enough for me. I can only hope that she has been paying attention to how I've lived my life since then and that one day, she too will desire to ask Christ into her life as He wills it. I've convinced myself that He will deal with her directly in His own good time...not mine.

The coffee tasted wonderful. That first cup is so special. It has a purpose and it does it well. Slowly, we are becoming fully awake and aware of our surroundings. Few words are exchanged between us. We can hear one another taking deep breaths and enjoying the pure elation of simply being alive at such a time as this.

It was a beautiful spring day, all around us was the grandeur of God's creation. The sights, the sounds, the fragrances; surely it doesn't get any better than this was the thought that lingered in my own mind.

Then, suddenly, the faint glowing orange rim of the rising sun appeared in the eastern sky. Both of us had noticed and remained silent because we didn't want to miss one tiny bit of the experience. Her voice was first to break the silence.

"During most of my working life, whenever I tried to imagine what it would be like to be retired; this is exactly how I imagined it would be."

I can't begin to explain how I felt at that moment. I can only say that I was somewhere beyond "Happy."

I pursued happiness just like our constitution assured me that I had the right to do. I pursued it until it caught up with me one day when I least expected it.

Maureen's words impacted me with the force of a sledgehammer striking a soft, lead plate. It left a circular crater with a raised rim. Truth rushed in and filled the sudden void the blow had caused and I sat back, relaxed and realized that at that moment in time, my world was a giant step closer to completeness.

That's all I've ever asked from life. To know that in some small way, I had contributed to the reaching of a life-long goal of someone I've loved more than myself for all these years.

As the sun continued to climb in the eastern sky, I turned to gaze upon my sweet bride and realized that she was now being bathed in the shining light of our golden years together.

The truth about my writing skills

There was at one point in my life, a span of years, during which a day would not pass that my fertile mind did not come up with some composition of words that I felt compelled to record via a method that would result in a copy of it in one form or another.

As you can tell by the run-on sentence above, which appears to have ambition toward becoming a paragraph, I have had little if any formal training pertaining to writing. If anyone reading this post is knowledgeable concerning the proper use of punctuation, they would notice that I am ignorant about its proper use also. 

The truth is, I had no business writing anything that may be read by someone other than myself.

I began as most novices do, with pencil and paper.  I lost count of the number of three-subject ring binders I filled up with my jotted down words.  I filled a small, portable book case with ringed binders and small note pads. After developing a noticeable callus on the first knuckle of the second finger of my left hand using number two pencils, I sought out and purchased an old, manual typewriter to do most of my writing on. I also invested in a small tape recorder that I kept in my car so I could record any thoughts that came to me as I traveled I-75 to and from my daily job up in Sharonville, Ohio five days a week.  Using those recorded thoughts to remind me about what I was mulling over as I drove, I would sit down at my typewriter after dinner and compose essays, short stories or poems about any topic, but love poems to my wife were the usual muse.

As my financial situation improved, Maureen and I decided to invest in a home computer. After that, my writing production really progressed.  As you might imagine, once I had a computer it wasn’t long before I discovered on-line diaries, journals and the joy of writing a Blog. Hard copies of my writing became a thing of the past.  I kept many file folders in my personal documents and kept them backed up on compact disk for safe keeping. I wrote requested compositions pertaining to my family to be read at gatherings such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and funerals of friends and relatives.

On my job as a supervisor in a manufacturing plant, I always carried a small note pad in one of my pockets.  I never knew when inspiration might strike and I never wanted to miss an opportunity to write it down.  There were times when one of the men I supervised would present me with a challenge.  I made it known that I was “A Writer,” a good writer and that I took requests from any and all comers. Once challenged, I would perform without fail and the person I wrote for was suitably impressed with the results.  I even surprised myself on several occasions.  It seems I did some of my best work when challenged.  Most of my treasured works came into existence at those times and I still have those compositions, keeping them close to my heart as personal keepsakes and in their own folder in My Documents Files.  I believe all writers have compositions they think of as “my best work.”

What writer hasn’t thought about writing the next great novel at some point?  OK! Perhaps not the next great novel but a book about something at least, even poetry. I can remember the day that “my book” came to me.  It came in a flash of inspiration; I saw it clearly from the first line to the last.  It was the weirdest experience of my life; so weird, it could be classified as “a supernatural event.”

I guess it’s time I revealed my relationship with the God of this universe in this story, after all, if I have accomplished anything as a writer in my  life, He gets most of the credit.  OK! Being totally honest, I also considered my addiction to tobacco as contributing to my writing endeavors too. When I had my “Born-again” experience and invited God to take over my life and use it for His purpose, He delivered me from so many negative aspects in my nature and yet, He did not see fit to take away my desire for cigarettes until the day I was able to admit; I could not quit without His help.  I had often wondered why He had done things that way.  I talked to Him about it often but He was mute about the subject. The only reason I gave smoking any credit at all was the fact that when I got serious about needing to stop smoking because it tainted my spiritual witness and was slowly killing me before my predestined time and God helped me quit cold-turkey, I discovered that my writing suffered as a result.

I know…that was a terrible sentence.  I hope you could follow my reasoning from it. I’m not going to waste a lot of time going back, trying to edit it.  Time is one element of life that I am most unsure about.  I’ve squandered so much of it along the way.  I’ve given up on writing that book.  I have about one quarter of it written, laying in a drawer somewhere but along the way, it lost its importance to me.  It also appears that it wasn’t part of His purpose or He surely would have given me a nudge now and then about finishing it.

I may be growing feeble minded but I’m still able to understand that HE was the source of any creative writing abilities I may have possessed in the past.

It was a day or two ago, when I was perusing my Word Document files, looking for something I had not used on one of my Blog posts that the truth was fully revealed to me. I am not half the writer I was back THEN.  I can go through my files of hard copies in that forgotten drawer of an old night stand stored in the extra bedroom and trace my development as a writer. Now I wish I had thought to put dates on them.  It would help me to sort things out more accurately. As they say in one of those TV ads…”You’ve come a long way Baby!”  I must confess; I truly enjoyed the journey. 

Sunday, September 27, 2009

High hopes for increased video blog posts

We had this ad for an H.H. Gregg grand opening sale.  That was true but the grand opening wasn't for our local store.  So...who cares?

We saw two items in the ad that interested us.  One was an ultra small video camera and they were selling them for less than $40.00.  There was also a portable mp3, video and still picture player that Pooh was interested in.  We figured they only had one of each so it was imperative that we get there when they opened at eleven.  We DID!

We ended up spending slightly more than we expected but that was because the other deals they had were too good to pass up.

I spent the rest of the day taking care of computer problems on both of our computers. While I was doing that, Phil Mickelson was winning the Fed Ex Golf tournament and Tiger Woods, though coming in second to Phil, was winning the Fed Ex Cup, which is much better than winning the last PGA tournament of the year.  Tiger got a check for ten million dollars. That's just what he needed, ten million more dollars to worry about.

Also, while I was mowing the yard, the Cincinnati Bengals were beating the Pittsburgh Steelers.  I did watch the winning touchdown pass.  Then I wait with bated breath as the Steelers used up the last ten seconds that was remaining.  After the way the Bengals lost the first game of the year to the Denver Broncos, I wasn't counting any chickens too early. The Steelers had me worried for a second or two as they tried a fancy razzle dazzle play you never see under normal circumstances but the Bengals were up to the challenge and number seven tried one last trick...a hail Mary pass.  Who would have expected a play like that?  Probably every football fan that was tuned into the game, that's all. I expected my neighbor's garage to erupt in celebration since they had been so loud all though the game but it was strangely quite.  I couldn't help but wonder why.  I still don't know.  They just flowed out onto the front lawn, bent over holding their knees and I could actually hear them sighing all the way over here.  I guess that meant they were greatly relieved.

Not bad for a busy Sunday.  I ate dinner but I don't know what we had... I was just that distracted by all that was going on.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Here's the low down on the down low

Thanks to David Letterman, whom I record and watch in the wee hours of the morning,
Roomer has it that Dick Cheney is currently undergoing back surgery and someone was trying to cover it up.  I don't know why having elective back surgery should be all that big a secret but it appears to be.

I also heard that Dick injured his back during the eight years he was carrying Bush around and only now would his schedule allow him to get some help with the problem.

If you care about Dick Cheney and would like to send him a get well message you may do so by going to his Social website on the ever popular, Shot in the facebook.

The news worthy story can be checked on by using this link.

There's also a nice picture of Dick when he doesn't have a snarl on his kisser. I captured a copy of it for those of you that don't want to go to the trouble of clicking on the link I went to the trouble of providing for you. (SEE ABOVE IMAGE) It's a keeper.

It's a little before two in the morning so I'm a bit groggy.  I hope I got all that correct.
Wouldn't want to pass along any misinformation to my readers.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gardening seasonal discoveries

Though I have been gardening for many years, I find that there is always something new to discover when I pay close attention to what is going on with my crops.  It is September 24th and as usual, my tomato vines are in decline.  They have repaid me for all my efforts; my tender loving care and for the expenditures I've invested on their behalf by producing beautiful, tasty fruit in abundance.  I love this sense of accomplishment that comes along with the harvest.

If you look at this picture closely, you will see all of my tomato plants in one shot.  Also notice that off in the distance, through the fence and into the back yard, there is another large mass of green that is my giant tomato tree plants.  There is three of them in that mass, but the impressive aspect of that group is their lushness.  They have not declined like the six vines in the foreground. They are still setting and maturing fruit from the ground level to the topmost new growth.

It was hardly a week ago that this group of vines was higher than the six foot fence behind them.  We have had some HEAVY downpours of late and the pounding they received along with the added weight of the water that clung to them caused them to sag closer to the ground until the string grid I had woven along the main supports stopped them. They are in considerable strain right now and there's nothing I can do about it.
My thinking is, we will have our first frost soon and that will kill the vines quickly. I would cause an early injury and demise should I attempt to lift them from the supports.  It's better to let them be and mature what fruit they can until then.

In this picture you can see some of the fruit among the thick vines, especially the one that is turning red already. Believe me, there are plenty of giant fruit lower down and farther into the mass of vines that can't easily be seen.
What has amazed me most is the strength of plants sustained growth and reluctance to give in to the affects of diminishing sunlight brought on by the changing of the seasons.Compare this picture to the one below here of my normal tomato vines.

You will notice that those vines have been slowly dying from the ground up and only the uppermost portion displays any signs of remaining life. If it wasn't for the artificial, supporting grid work of dried bamboo stakes that I created early this spring, all of these vines would be laying on the ground, spent and dead already. Normally, I would have taken my vines up and disposed of them by this time of year. I should be amending the soil in this planting bed, getting it ready for its winter rest and next year's crop. All that and this has been an exceptionally GOOD year for gardens in this area because of the regular rain it has received.  I'd even go so far as to say it was PERFECT this year.

This group of vines are the ones that produced the giant fruit you can see if you choose to click on this active link which will take you to one of my blog posts where tomato pictures can be viewed. They are still producing those giant tomatoes as quickly as they possibly can.

I'm sorry about needing to use the above link but somewhere along the way I did something that caused me to lose the tomato picture files I used to create the linked to post above. Chalk it up to declining brain performance due to advanced age.

I am currently doing what I can to save as many seeds from these vines as possible. It requires a special process to save tomato seeds properly and I am following instructions closely.  I do not want to lose my possessive grip on these vines.  I bought them once and hopefully that will be the last time.  These vines have many good qualities about them. They need to be preserved for the gardening world. It would be a terrible thing to lose this genetic line.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My new anti cell phone use while driving motto

I know I am old and set in my ways BUT…has anyone else noticed that some people have forgotten the basics they teach in driving school.  Maybe I’m wrong, perhaps they don’t teach how to properly make a left turn at an intersection when there no left turn arrow lit but there is a green light for traffic in both directions.

If there is a left turn lane, does some new law I don’t know about state that one must stay behind the broad, white line at the end of the left turn lane, or is it still permitted for one to pull into the intersection and wait for oncoming traffic to clear and then legally make the left turn?

I did a search for information and found a site that related to the state of Nebraska traffic laws. It seems that no one can agree whether it is legal or not in that state or anywhere else. After reading several pages of results on the topic I have concluded that I am correct as to how it should be legally done.  SO…onto the real reason I started this composition:

This evening, as I was taking my wife and sister-in-law out to dinner, we approached the intersection of Stevenson Road and Turkeyfoot Road, which is equipped with left turn lanes in both directions.  Keep in mind that Turkeyfoot Road (the road I was on) is a five lane road with two lanes in each direction and a center turning lane.  The center turning lane changes into a left turn only lane about fifty feet from the intersection.

There was a Water Department pick-up truck in front of me as I pulled over into the left turn only lane and the signal at this intersection was solid green in both directions.  The pick-up would not pull out into the intersection and when the light turned red, he moved a few feet, then stopped and waited for the turn arrow.  At that point I noticed that he had a cell phone stuck to his ear and suddenly this motto popped into my head.  It was perfect I thought for use as an Anti-cell phone use while driving motto.  I’ll share it with all of you.  Yeah! Like it will get a lot of exposure out there on my three little Blogs that no one ever visits.  In spite of that, I’m still going to make the effort to spread this little ditty around.  I really believe it will catch on and get results if I can gain the attention of law enforcement in all of these fifty United States of America.  Here it is!

When your cell phone is to your ear
Your driving brain is out of gear

My recent healthcare letter to the whitehouse

TO: The White House and whom it may concern
RE:  The current proposed health care plan

I have been a registered Republican for most of my sixty-nine years on this earth. In the last election, I crossed party lines and voted for Barack Obama because I believed he was our best hope for change in our government.  Change for the better is what I was hoping for.  I am not so sure that President Obama has given us that so far.

Yes! I do realize that The President inherited a too full plate from the Bush Presidency and President Obama deserves a lot of credit for standing up and stepping into the job at hand.  I don’t believe he realized what was before him but now he is fully aware of the gigantic task he faces. 

I wish there was a way to get the nation behind him and make it easier for him to accomplish what he would like to during his term, but so far, he has not seen his way clear to publishing the important details involved in his plans.  I believe that’s all the people want from him; DETAILS.

I too am tired of hearing all the promises; promises that sound so good in the basic outline afforded the public, only to realize that there was more to the latest bill our government had passed through the Senate and Congress, making it the newest law of the land.  E.g. I listened to the President’s speech to the nation the night Joe Wilson shouted out “You lie!”  At first, I too was outraged at his behavior.  Then, when questions were asked about his claim that no “illegal aliens” would be included in his new health care reform, it was revealed that certain other aliens; ones who were not yet legal citizens of this country WOULD be included, I was shocked and angry, perhaps as shocked and angry as those that descended upon Washington soon after, demonstrating their displeasure with President Obama’s new health care plan.

I know many of those individuals that were present that day went way too far with their accusations.  What they succeeded in doing was to muddy up the water so much that no one could be sure exactly what was contained in this new health care plan and what wasn’t. 

Personally I don’t believe this new healthcare bill will pass “as is” no matter how many times the President gets on TV and attempts to assure us that this bill is what our country needs at this time.  He certainly hasn’t convinced me yet.

In my opinion, any person that is considered an alien with a green card and not a citizen yet should not be classified as “AN AMERICAN.”  That’s what is being done when the President stands up and says his plan is good for all Americans and is secretly including that group of aliens.

Do you know who George Lopez is?  Under the guise of Stand-up Comedy, he draws a crowd of fourteen thousand individuals, whom I suspect is represented by a majority of “Latinos and Latinas” as George identifies them and emotes what he sees as the brown race’s agenda, clearly and openly.  I too laugh at his antics but deep down inside, I know he is describing what will one day be the truth in this country should our government continue along its established course.

It is my opinion that illegal and legal aliens are the cause of the state of California’s current bankrupt condition.  It is too easy for illegals to slip into the country and become part of the Latino population, sapping funds from the southwestern border states and our federal government at an ever growing rate.  What does our government do to stem the ceaseless flow?  Nada! (I answered in what seems to be the preferred national language)  I grow weary of our official’s attempts to grant illegal aliens amnesty when they should be doing all they can to send them back to where they came from.  We do not need to annex Mexico and make it part of these United States.  What have they got that we need?  Cheap labor!  The labor may be cheap but the drain on our total economy is intolerable overall. 

We had the opportunity to round up a vast number of aliens during a recent demonstration that involved most of this nation’s largest cities and Washington too. The INS didn’t even show up.  To me, that says that no one really cares about the problem.

How is it possible for hundreds of Mexican children to be bused into a Texas border town where they expect to be allowed to attend the local schools and WERE doing just that for a time without anyone trying to check them and bar them for attending.  I KNOW it happened.  It was covered by some of our reluctant media for reasons I am still unable to comprehend. 

Our television news networks have become a battle ground upon which armies fight with verbal weapons which are just as lethal as bullets and bombs. Are you paying attention?  Have you noticed that more and more we see people bearing weapons right out in the open at some of these “Tea Party” rallies and some political gatherings. That should cause a certain quantity of alarm among our law enforcement officials but so far, it hasn’t; that I can tell. 

Wake up Washington!  Get back in touch with your constituents, We the People.  We are trying to tell you something important but you are not listening.

A concerned legal citizen
Clarence Bowles

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Gifts of God

Recently, Oprah Winfrey opened her 24th season on Television with an interview of Whitney Houston.  It was the first interview Whitney had granted in the last seven years.  She said she granted it because she felt so comfortable with Oprah; and it showed in her answers to Oprah's questions.

At one point Oprah asked if Whitney knew that she was often referred to as:
And at that very moment I heard within myself :  "Yes! And the GIFT."

Romans 11-29 For the gifts and the calling of God are not repented of.

I know a few things about the gifts of God.
I searched the scriptures at length over the last twenty-five years, discussed it in depth with the others in our Bible study group and believed I understood the topic as well as most scholars. That was a long time ago...now, I'm not so sure.

I wonder...just how many well known performers have been given a gift, used it in church till it was polished and perfected and then, when the draw of the world blinded them with its bright lights and promise of fame and riches such as they had never know before, succumbed to the temptation, moving farther and farther from that calling and purpose said gift was intended?

Whitney admitted that she was given such a gift but left God's house of worship, believing that she was moving in the direction He wanted her to go at first and only too late did she realize the truth.

Whitney is not alone. Her mistake has been made by many.  All of them paid a heavy price and some learned their lesson much too late; then again, some remained faithful, stayed within the church and continued to work as they were led.

Salvation may come in the blink of an eye after one repents and asks God for forgiveness of their sins but becoming mature in Christ is an on-going process.  I'm not sure if it's ever complete so long as we live. What I do know for sure is...there can come a time when one feels as if they are losing that connection with God's Spirit.  I think that's because I recall King David pleading with God one day, not to take His Spirit from him. He believed it could happen because of the various means he had found to fail God and sin against Him.

I'm not spreading roomers here.  I'm just sharing some personal insights that all my Bible study efforts have formed in my aging brain.

I'd be glad to hear what opinions some of you have on the topic.  I've heard what Whitney and Oprah have to say and it was all pretty good.  I enjoyed it!

Now I'm losing whole days

I sit here dazed and confused.  I just realized that I allowed Sunday to pass me by and had not watched one single football game.  I wonder if the Bengals lost or won?  Guess I'll need to google that question when I get through here.

I remember Sunday morning; we had a wonderful breakfast of biscuits and gravy, eggs and hash-brown potatoes.  I even recall taking the left-overs to our neighbors, who were not at home and leaving it on their front porch.

Now I recall something else...it began to rain; something it hasn't done around here for quite a spell.  That must be it!  The rain washed the rest of our Sunday away, along with the dust and surface oil deposits on the streets. Of course, Jenny our dog was her usual frightened self, sneaking around, looking for a safe place to hide from the storms.  I don't believe she found one. I didn't see much of her all day long.

Maureen cleaned and rearranged the living room to stave off the boredom for a little while. Later, she and Gail went out to do some grocery shopping. I zoned out in front of the TV after that.  You don't suppose some Zombie ate my brain, do you?  I suppose it was a serious mistake, accepting the offer that our cable company made to me last week. HBO for a whole year at half price.

Now I remember.  I watched movies and comedy specials for most of the day.  I ROTFLMAO for a good part of the afternoon.  That was some funny stand-up, even if it was OLD, like me. I've watched some good movies too since the HBO channel was activated on our DVR. The last thing I remember was the movie KINGDOM.  What action!  Shooting and blowing stuff up, killing folk with bullets and bombs, suicides and dangerous rescues.  WOW!  It was great.  Check out the official movie site, see the trailer, some clips and stuff. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet

And this one does...smell sweet that is.

I don't think I've seen another rose this color before.  It's hue is so vivid it practically hurts one's eyes in the right light.

The sun was already set when Pooh was overcome with the urge to take some pictures of these beauties, so naturally the camera utilized its flash to capture the picture.  The flash seemed to cause an even greater radiance to emit from the bloom.

Also I must add that this species of Rose has the most amazing fragrance.  I say that, knowing full well that there's no way I can prove that statement to you.  I wish it were otherwise.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

People sure are funny

The two women and I were on our way over to Cookie's place for breakfast Saturday morning and this conversation broke out.

The topic was our neighborhood and how much better it could be if certain people, and or families moved somewhere else.

It suddenly occurred to me that if all the other families in our neighborhood were allowed the selective process that we had just utilized, the neighborhood could end up being empty with no one living in any of the homes on our block.

Something is afoot in the courts

Roomer has it...Serena Williams was overcome by foot-in-mouth disease while on the court yesterday after being exposed to the radiation from several "F-Bombs" during an angry tirade brought on by an erroneous judgment call by one certain line judge who became the victim of finger pointing and a verbal assault from the losing combatant in a semifinal tennis match.

Film at eleven!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Details, details, details, all I want is details

I watched President Obama's speech the other night.
I heard Joe Wilson call him a liar.
I couldn't help but wonder, "if Joe is so vehement about it, could it be that the President actually is lying and only Joe had the guts to call him out?"
Joe was calling him a liar because he stated that "No illegal aliens would be covered under his new healthcare plan."

Then, while watching some other news on TV, it was explained that although Obama may be technically telling the truth when he says "No illegal aliens would be covered under his new healthcare plan," the fact is that those aliens that are considered to be "LEGALLY" in this country WOULD BE.

That is the point at which a hair got in the butter for me.

All I want to know is this:  Will those "Legal" aliens be paying the same amount as everyone else for their healthcare coverage, or will they be getting under the table breaks or even a "FREEBIE" when everyone else must pay some kind of premium for theirs?

Sometimes, the truth can actually be a hidden lie when all the details are not revealed.

Does Joe Wilson have X-ray vision and can see the hidden lie when we can't?

Political Roomers

Roomer has it...That some are not sure what rule of ethics or law Joe Wilson broke so I went searching for an answer.

Anne Applebaum of the Washington Post seems to know the answer.

So, if you are curious and desire to have more information than you could possibly use, click on the above link and find out what she had to say on the subject.  You might be thankful you did, or at least you'd get a chuckle or two about the way she expressed herself on the matter.
I Did!

Texas Roomers

Roomer has it...Del Rio Texas school district will no longer accept illegal alien students from Mexico.

I have looked into this roomer and have come up with several questions.

How in the world can 430 children be "bused" over the border each morning to attend a school in the United States?

Why in the world do some Mexicans bother to "sneak" into the United States when it's so easy to do it right under the noses of U.S. Customs Border Guards?

Are you as confused about Illegal Mexican Aliens as I am?

Someone whispered in my ear recently that a pregnant, Mexican woman can "sneak" into our country, go to the emergency room of the nearest hospital, be admitted, have her baby at our expense and legally have said baby declared "A U.S. Citizen."


Look! It's only my opinion and I don't care what those lunkheads up there Washington think...
BUT...an illegal alien's baby being born in one of our hospital emergency rooms no more makes their baby a citizen of these here United States than having that baby in a garage makes it a CAR!

Excuse me! but my neck is redder than it normally is right now.  I need to take a break and cool off.


Source: David Letterman Sept 11, 2009

Roomer has it...That after several years of focused study and testing, scientists have concluded that when Porcupines make love...it hurts like a S.O.B..

Friday, September 11, 2009

Introduction - Clarence is my name; What's yours?

To some of you folk I won't need to be introduced, others will stare and wonder "who is this crazy, old coot?"  If you wondered that, you'd be close to accurate.  I'm all that and more.

I may be old but I'm not scared of the "Internet."  I've been using computers for many years, know a little something about them, just enough to get myself in trouble, in fact.

I'm "hillbilly" by birth.  One leg is shorter than the other from walking around steep hillsides. I'm a gardener, a fisherman, used to be a hunter and I love to write about all I've seen and done down through the years.  I'm also "a people watcher."  They never cease to amaze me. I don't make friends too easily because friendships never seem to last long. Perhaps I'm even too particular about whom I allow to get close to me.

I'm a whole lot like many of you.  I do stupid stuff all the time.  Yes! I have plenty of regrets. I also have formed lots of opinions about a wide variety of topics and don't mind sharing them with all of you...in fact, you may get tired of hearing me run my mouth, I know my neighbor Bob has, yet I am glad to call him a friend.

I've been married more than once and what matters most is that the final one has lasted for over 38 years.  Like I said, I do stupid stuff all the time, but getting married to my Pooh was not stupid.  I have four children out there somewhere and one step-child that the wife and I helped to raise.  I'm sad to say that I am estranged from three of them and that step-child.  Guess you could say they disowned me and believe they were justified in doing so.  Don't ask!  I won't divulge any details about any of that.

Want to know something about "the good old days?"  I'll tell you what I can recall about them. That's not much.  The old memory is not what it used to be.  I like to say "I've forgotten more than most people will ever know."  That would be no consolation even if it was true.

Enough about me.  Tell me something about yourself that's not a secret.  I'm genuinely interested.  I can't be trusted to keep a secret.