Saturday, September 12, 2009

Details, details, details, all I want is details

I watched President Obama's speech the other night.
I heard Joe Wilson call him a liar.
I couldn't help but wonder, "if Joe is so vehement about it, could it be that the President actually is lying and only Joe had the guts to call him out?"
Joe was calling him a liar because he stated that "No illegal aliens would be covered under his new healthcare plan."

Then, while watching some other news on TV, it was explained that although Obama may be technically telling the truth when he says "No illegal aliens would be covered under his new healthcare plan," the fact is that those aliens that are considered to be "LEGALLY" in this country WOULD BE.

That is the point at which a hair got in the butter for me.

All I want to know is this:  Will those "Legal" aliens be paying the same amount as everyone else for their healthcare coverage, or will they be getting under the table breaks or even a "FREEBIE" when everyone else must pay some kind of premium for theirs?

Sometimes, the truth can actually be a hidden lie when all the details are not revealed.

Does Joe Wilson have X-ray vision and can see the hidden lie when we can't?

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