Sunday, September 27, 2009

High hopes for increased video blog posts

We had this ad for an H.H. Gregg grand opening sale.  That was true but the grand opening wasn't for our local store.  So...who cares?

We saw two items in the ad that interested us.  One was an ultra small video camera and they were selling them for less than $40.00.  There was also a portable mp3, video and still picture player that Pooh was interested in.  We figured they only had one of each so it was imperative that we get there when they opened at eleven.  We DID!

We ended up spending slightly more than we expected but that was because the other deals they had were too good to pass up.

I spent the rest of the day taking care of computer problems on both of our computers. While I was doing that, Phil Mickelson was winning the Fed Ex Golf tournament and Tiger Woods, though coming in second to Phil, was winning the Fed Ex Cup, which is much better than winning the last PGA tournament of the year.  Tiger got a check for ten million dollars. That's just what he needed, ten million more dollars to worry about.

Also, while I was mowing the yard, the Cincinnati Bengals were beating the Pittsburgh Steelers.  I did watch the winning touchdown pass.  Then I wait with bated breath as the Steelers used up the last ten seconds that was remaining.  After the way the Bengals lost the first game of the year to the Denver Broncos, I wasn't counting any chickens too early. The Steelers had me worried for a second or two as they tried a fancy razzle dazzle play you never see under normal circumstances but the Bengals were up to the challenge and number seven tried one last trick...a hail Mary pass.  Who would have expected a play like that?  Probably every football fan that was tuned into the game, that's all. I expected my neighbor's garage to erupt in celebration since they had been so loud all though the game but it was strangely quite.  I couldn't help but wonder why.  I still don't know.  They just flowed out onto the front lawn, bent over holding their knees and I could actually hear them sighing all the way over here.  I guess that meant they were greatly relieved.

Not bad for a busy Sunday.  I ate dinner but I don't know what we had... I was just that distracted by all that was going on.

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