Friday, September 11, 2009

Introduction - Clarence is my name; What's yours?

To some of you folk I won't need to be introduced, others will stare and wonder "who is this crazy, old coot?"  If you wondered that, you'd be close to accurate.  I'm all that and more.

I may be old but I'm not scared of the "Internet."  I've been using computers for many years, know a little something about them, just enough to get myself in trouble, in fact.

I'm "hillbilly" by birth.  One leg is shorter than the other from walking around steep hillsides. I'm a gardener, a fisherman, used to be a hunter and I love to write about all I've seen and done down through the years.  I'm also "a people watcher."  They never cease to amaze me. I don't make friends too easily because friendships never seem to last long. Perhaps I'm even too particular about whom I allow to get close to me.

I'm a whole lot like many of you.  I do stupid stuff all the time.  Yes! I have plenty of regrets. I also have formed lots of opinions about a wide variety of topics and don't mind sharing them with all of fact, you may get tired of hearing me run my mouth, I know my neighbor Bob has, yet I am glad to call him a friend.

I've been married more than once and what matters most is that the final one has lasted for over 38 years.  Like I said, I do stupid stuff all the time, but getting married to my Pooh was not stupid.  I have four children out there somewhere and one step-child that the wife and I helped to raise.  I'm sad to say that I am estranged from three of them and that step-child.  Guess you could say they disowned me and believe they were justified in doing so.  Don't ask!  I won't divulge any details about any of that.

Want to know something about "the good old days?"  I'll tell you what I can recall about them. That's not much.  The old memory is not what it used to be.  I like to say "I've forgotten more than most people will ever know."  That would be no consolation even if it was true.

Enough about me.  Tell me something about yourself that's not a secret.  I'm genuinely interested.  I can't be trusted to keep a secret.

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