Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My new anti cell phone use while driving motto

I know I am old and set in my ways BUT…has anyone else noticed that some people have forgotten the basics they teach in driving school.  Maybe I’m wrong, perhaps they don’t teach how to properly make a left turn at an intersection when there no left turn arrow lit but there is a green light for traffic in both directions.

If there is a left turn lane, does some new law I don’t know about state that one must stay behind the broad, white line at the end of the left turn lane, or is it still permitted for one to pull into the intersection and wait for oncoming traffic to clear and then legally make the left turn?

I did a search for information and found a site that related to the state of Nebraska traffic laws. It seems that no one can agree whether it is legal or not in that state or anywhere else. After reading several pages of results on the topic I have concluded that I am correct as to how it should be legally done.  SO…onto the real reason I started this composition:

This evening, as I was taking my wife and sister-in-law out to dinner, we approached the intersection of Stevenson Road and Turkeyfoot Road, which is equipped with left turn lanes in both directions.  Keep in mind that Turkeyfoot Road (the road I was on) is a five lane road with two lanes in each direction and a center turning lane.  The center turning lane changes into a left turn only lane about fifty feet from the intersection.

There was a Water Department pick-up truck in front of me as I pulled over into the left turn only lane and the signal at this intersection was solid green in both directions.  The pick-up would not pull out into the intersection and when the light turned red, he moved a few feet, then stopped and waited for the turn arrow.  At that point I noticed that he had a cell phone stuck to his ear and suddenly this motto popped into my head.  It was perfect I thought for use as an Anti-cell phone use while driving motto.  I’ll share it with all of you.  Yeah! Like it will get a lot of exposure out there on my three little Blogs that no one ever visits.  In spite of that, I’m still going to make the effort to spread this little ditty around.  I really believe it will catch on and get results if I can gain the attention of law enforcement in all of these fifty United States of America.  Here it is!

When your cell phone is to your ear
Your driving brain is out of gear

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