Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My recent healthcare letter to the whitehouse

TO: The White House and whom it may concern
RE:  The current proposed health care plan

I have been a registered Republican for most of my sixty-nine years on this earth. In the last election, I crossed party lines and voted for Barack Obama because I believed he was our best hope for change in our government.  Change for the better is what I was hoping for.  I am not so sure that President Obama has given us that so far.

Yes! I do realize that The President inherited a too full plate from the Bush Presidency and President Obama deserves a lot of credit for standing up and stepping into the job at hand.  I don’t believe he realized what was before him but now he is fully aware of the gigantic task he faces. 

I wish there was a way to get the nation behind him and make it easier for him to accomplish what he would like to during his term, but so far, he has not seen his way clear to publishing the important details involved in his plans.  I believe that’s all the people want from him; DETAILS.

I too am tired of hearing all the promises; promises that sound so good in the basic outline afforded the public, only to realize that there was more to the latest bill our government had passed through the Senate and Congress, making it the newest law of the land.  E.g. I listened to the President’s speech to the nation the night Joe Wilson shouted out “You lie!”  At first, I too was outraged at his behavior.  Then, when questions were asked about his claim that no “illegal aliens” would be included in his new health care reform, it was revealed that certain other aliens; ones who were not yet legal citizens of this country WOULD be included, I was shocked and angry, perhaps as shocked and angry as those that descended upon Washington soon after, demonstrating their displeasure with President Obama’s new health care plan.

I know many of those individuals that were present that day went way too far with their accusations.  What they succeeded in doing was to muddy up the water so much that no one could be sure exactly what was contained in this new health care plan and what wasn’t. 

Personally I don’t believe this new healthcare bill will pass “as is” no matter how many times the President gets on TV and attempts to assure us that this bill is what our country needs at this time.  He certainly hasn’t convinced me yet.

In my opinion, any person that is considered an alien with a green card and not a citizen yet should not be classified as “AN AMERICAN.”  That’s what is being done when the President stands up and says his plan is good for all Americans and is secretly including that group of aliens.

Do you know who George Lopez is?  Under the guise of Stand-up Comedy, he draws a crowd of fourteen thousand individuals, whom I suspect is represented by a majority of “Latinos and Latinas” as George identifies them and emotes what he sees as the brown race’s agenda, clearly and openly.  I too laugh at his antics but deep down inside, I know he is describing what will one day be the truth in this country should our government continue along its established course.

It is my opinion that illegal and legal aliens are the cause of the state of California’s current bankrupt condition.  It is too easy for illegals to slip into the country and become part of the Latino population, sapping funds from the southwestern border states and our federal government at an ever growing rate.  What does our government do to stem the ceaseless flow?  Nada! (I answered in what seems to be the preferred national language)  I grow weary of our official’s attempts to grant illegal aliens amnesty when they should be doing all they can to send them back to where they came from.  We do not need to annex Mexico and make it part of these United States.  What have they got that we need?  Cheap labor!  The labor may be cheap but the drain on our total economy is intolerable overall. 

We had the opportunity to round up a vast number of aliens during a recent demonstration that involved most of this nation’s largest cities and Washington too. The INS didn’t even show up.  To me, that says that no one really cares about the problem.

How is it possible for hundreds of Mexican children to be bused into a Texas border town where they expect to be allowed to attend the local schools and WERE doing just that for a time without anyone trying to check them and bar them for attending.  I KNOW it happened.  It was covered by some of our reluctant media for reasons I am still unable to comprehend. 

Our television news networks have become a battle ground upon which armies fight with verbal weapons which are just as lethal as bullets and bombs. Are you paying attention?  Have you noticed that more and more we see people bearing weapons right out in the open at some of these “Tea Party” rallies and some political gatherings. That should cause a certain quantity of alarm among our law enforcement officials but so far, it hasn’t; that I can tell. 

Wake up Washington!  Get back in touch with your constituents, We the People.  We are trying to tell you something important but you are not listening.

A concerned legal citizen
Clarence Bowles

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