Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The American Dream and other myths

A quaint little cottage, a year old 4 X 4, a fence around my backyard, who could ask for more?

A fourteen year old, seldom seen; a cat who mimes for food, a sweet and sexy, younger wife, never in a nasty mood.

A riding mower with bagger, a Harley Touring Hog, a fourteen-foot Bass Boat and a well trained Beagle Dog.

A neighborhood full of friends, a golf bag full of clubs; two rifles and a shotgun, a tape player deck that dubs.

A front yard full of Zoyza grass, a back yard full of rocks; insulated hunting boots and some battery powered socks.

Talk about your American Dream and having it made in the shade; money in my savings account and every bill is paid.

Still, I keep on plugging away, bringing those paychecks home. The daughter wants a leather coat and the wife, a better phone.

OH Sure! I'm a dreamer, like all the others on my block. Giving life my very best; wound tighter than an eight-day clock.

I take "Honey Do" vacations, mend a thing or two; lay out plans for a window that'll give us a better view.

Speaking of how we see things; could I ask you this? What's the point in having everything, if eternity we miss?

Things can't make us happy; if so, you'd surely be. Cause I took stock the other day, and you have more than me.

Are you blessed with peaceful sleep? Do you know the joy of giving? Is your spirit dead and silent while you proclaim "This is living?"

Do you know the power of prayer? Do you love your fellowman? Are you living life for Jesus, walking as straight as you can?

Abundant life will pass you by if you set your heart on things. Knowing Christ has its own rewards, real security it brings.

So keep up with the Jones'; match them stride for stride. But in your earthly mansions, you'll find no place to hide.

When the Day of the Lord comes to pass and this earth is purged with fire. All those "Things" will melt away and you'll have a new desire.

"Rocks and mountains, fall on me! Hide me from His wrath."

Things could be so different then, if you'd choosen another path.

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