Tuesday, October 6, 2009


If it were in my power, to give you everything, to shower you with presents and into your life bring

The peace of never knowing need, secure in all desire; I wonder what your life would be, or what could fuel the fire

Would your heart light fade away, would darkness enter in; would your vision of tomorrow, be shapeless, dark and dim?

What in life could bring you joy, where would dreams be found; what goals would you strive for, how could hope abound

I've asked myself that question and now I think I see; the answer's not in giving all, desires to someone free

On what do we place value, can money buy one peace. If someone is in bondage, what can buy release?

There is only one gift, priceless and yet free. There is no way to earn it, yet it came to me

We toil in this life of ours just to earn our way; then spend it on necessities to live from day to day

But what if there's abundance and we have lots to spare. Do we hoard and store it up or with some others share

I'd like to offer some to God, but cannot find His hand. I know He preaches charity, in fact that's His command

What was it that Jesus said about our charity? "Giving to the least of these, is giving it to me."

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