Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Common Sense

If you had always existed and knew you always would, time would have no meaning, but to us it should.

Three score & ten was allotted me to live here on this earth, but I couldn't do enough for Him if I had started at my birth.

I wasted all my youthful years, found Jesus at two score & three. All that time and then one day, I discovered that God loved me.

Just think of the years I scurried through, no faith, no love and no goals. Gave no thought to the future, or the fate of my eternal soul.

A few moment of time I spent on my knees, repented and claimed God's Son. Twenty-seven years, that's all I had to work and get things done.

That's not much of an investment, when you consider the return He'll give. An eternity in Heaven, where He and Jesus live

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