Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Easter's Love Poem

Into lowly surroundings our blessed Savior was brought. Called the Jewish Messiah, his chosen people knew Him not.

He escaped Herod’s scheme through angelic intervention and grew up in Nazareth, attracting little public attention.

Of His childhood we know little, of his adolescence even less, until a man of thirty set out upon His quest.

Purified by ordeal, full measure of Satan's temptation endured. Tempered in the desert fires, of success He was assured.

John the Baptist prepared the way, exclaiming for all to hear, "God's Holy Lamb is in our midst, Listen! All who have an ear."

Baptized by John in the Jordan, anointed for the perfect plan. Carrying out His Father's will; supernatural wonders from a man.

He chose His Apostle followers and made them fishers of men and told them of His coming death, over and over again.

All along, His eventual end, in advance He knew, and many amazing miracles, this humblest of men did do.

Many hard ordeals awaited in the days which lay ahead, but stay His course He could not, being by His Father led.

So through the mountains and valleys, His message did He preach, and many a valuable lesson to the people did He teach.

Endless parables from Holy lips, often did He speak. Few comprehended their meaning, interpretation did they seek.

After He revealed their truths and applied them to men's lives, a great lesson here was learned, righteous guidance realized.

He healed the sick and raised the dead, created enemies along the way, because he made the lame to walk on the Jewish Sabbath Day.

Right away they wanted to kill Him but prophecy was shown true. He evaded their traps and pitfalls, with heavenly wisdom, which He knew.

He fed the multitude on the mountain, another miracle from His hand. He was destined for Jerusalem, where He'd make His final stand.

Many more miracles were yet to come before He accepted His fate. He'd cast out spirits, make blind eyes see, the cross would have to wait.

Words so profound He uttered, to Disciples and all that would hear, and forged ahead to Jerusalem, in His heart He hid His fear.

One could not be sure of this Holy Son and the emotions He had within. The one true thing, of which we're sure, God's Son knew no sin.

Faith was shown to Peter; by bidding "Come" walk the Sea of Galilee. Control over nature was shown them, with words He calmed the raging Sea.

But even with all His wisdom and the powers at His command, He would not change the events to come, this Lamb, the Son of Man.

Performing endless miracles and preaching "The Kingdom is at hand", He steadfastly trod ever forward, followed by His still unsure band.

How could His Disciples still doubt Him, after all they had seen Him do? He needed support at this time in His life and followers were far too few.

Three witnessed His transfiguration, His two companions no longer of earth, and heard God proclaim Him as His own Son, as so it was from His birth.

Fulfilling the scriptures, that was His quest, and now the hour is at hand. To Bethany, where Lazarus had died, He led His following band.

"If you had come this would not be so", said Martha so angrily. I am the resurrection and life he'll soon receive, because of belief in me.

His heart was touched and he wept openly as they led Him to where Lazarus lay. To His Father He prayed and bade Lazarus "COME OUT", He revealed God's Glory that day.

On a donkey's back, through Jerusalem's Gates, He rode on a path of Palm leaves. "We have failed, can't you see, the whole world follows Him." said vengeful Pharisees.

Jesus and Disciples sat for supper, with His betrayer this night He broke bread. Thirty pieces of silver were paid him, a wasted wage for the dead.

He told them of the helper He'd send, to comfort and reveal all that's true. And one more time, spoke of His death and the great things that they would do.

They rained worried questions upon Him, tell us Teacher, how can this be? You've revealed so much, and yet like the blind, we hear and still cannot see.

Jesus spoke to Peter's denial, the truth about what was to be. Love one another as I have loved you, my final commandment to thee.

I shall not be here much longer, and you cannot go where I go. I'll prepare a dwelling place for you, if not, I would have told you so.

I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father but by me. Ask whatever of the Father in my name, and surely it will come to be.

All of you will be scattered and I'll be alone in the end. So be brave and wait for the Comforter, the Holy Ghost I told you I'd send.

For the Disciples He prayed to the Father, a prayer that includes you and me. A promise of life everlasting, our believing will set our souls free.

Now, away to the Garden, across Kidron's Brook, the Disciples and He went to pray. But they fell fast asleep, no vigil they'd keep and disappointed Jesus that day.

Perspiration as blood, ran down His face, as He prayed for release from His fate. But, He would drink from the cup, "Not My Will But Thine", for compromise, it was too late.

To Gethsemane then came Judas, to betray his Lord with a kiss. "Be quick about it then," said Jesus, with such a grave sin as this.

His follower's sword was useless and the Soldiers now held Him tight. Twelve armies of Angels were waiting, but the prophecy would be that night.

The Roman Governor could find no fault, "Just what has this man done?" Why! He violated our Sabbath Day, and He claims to be God's Son.

"What about this Jesus? Are these accusations about you true? It's not my will to be your judge but I've been given power over you."

"Are you a King? And if so, where does your Kingdom lay?" "My Kingdom is not of this world. I have no earthly Kingdom this day."

"As for power, you would have none, except my Father allowed it to be." To their accusations, He answered not, for it was as they told him you see.

So, as was the Passover custom, Pilate would a prisoner set free. "Will it be your King or someone else, you tell me, whom will it be?"

"Barabbas the Bandit, set him free, and then crucify that counterfeit King." Choose evil over good, would you believe that they could, even imagine this terrible thing?

But Pilate gave in to their wishes, washed his hand of the innocent's blood. Then gave Him up for the sentence, his guilt must have raged as a flood.

The scriptures were now full upon Him, as the soldiers brought Him to shame. A thorny crown and purple robe, all a part of events so insane.

They flogged Him and laid His flesh open, spoke insults and spat in His face. King of the Jews they all taunted, you'll rule over worms in this case.

A cross was the Scepter they gave Him; Golgatha the place of His throne. And what of the Lord's chosen people; their hatred of Him they had shown.

"Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do" He offered in their defense. An injustice so cruel they inflicted on Him, unequaled before or since.

Those terrible spikes they drove through His hands and nailed Him to history. The most innocent of all would suffer this day and die on Calvary's tree.

A sign declared the world's greatest truth, Pilate decreed it was so. He gave His mother to the disciple He loved, and he, the son she would know.

He hung there and suffered, the soldiers stood by, and then they cast lots for his clothes. His sacrifice this day, no mortal could say. Its importance, everyone knows.

And now the ending approaches, and in order to make all scriptures true, He spoke "I Thirst" as a final request; need a King ask such of you.

A Hyssop branch with vinegar sponge was raised to those Holy lips. "It is finished" He moaned, His spirit released, as life slipped through dead fingertips.

And now it is done, atoned by God's Son, our sins remembered no more. In repayment for this, which began with a kiss and cruelty not known before.

A heavenly home and a seat by His throne, rewards for our world killing Him. He must love us more, as never before, or our future days would be dim.

Rejoice if you can when you think of this man, and all that this world put Him through. For His reasons were clear and His loss Oh so dear, because of our God's love for you.

They pierced His side to be sure that He died and released the blood that washed clean. Black hearts were made white by this terrible sight, greater sacrifice no man has seen.

His lifeless form was set free and prepared ritually, laid in a tomb used by none. But death would not claim; this Jesus by name, the end to all ends was done.

For the prophecy said He would raise from the dead and only a few eyes would see. Our salvation was bought, by few seldom sought, His victory our guarantee.

So early on Sunday morning, Mary Magdelene to the sepulcher went. She saw the stone rolled away and heard Jesus say, "For whom are your tears so spent?"

She did not recognize Jesus, and asked if He had taken the body away. "Mary" He said and she turned her head, "Rabonni" is all she could say.

Easter came new, as all special days do, and He we still worship today. With arms reaching for you, He will save your soul too, there is not too much more I can say.

All you need to do for salvation true, is accept Jesus as Savior today.

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