Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Sometimes I read for hours, to share anothers joy

Or cry when some calamity would strike and life destroy

The obstacles surmounted, the overcoming will

The height of souls elated, when hope was all but nil

Despairing hearts which knew relief when answers came their way

Or cures which seemed miraculous on someone's dying day

Life restored or turned around from the depths of hopelessness

A joyous end for desperate days that God had chose to bless

Kindness shown by others, a cheek turned toward brute force

The gentle touch of tenderness from an unexpected source

It's not that these events are rare, they're common as the flu

I'd say just think about it and you would know a few

Goodness seldom makes the news; it's not like "Man bites dog"

The media is more concerned with the E.P.A. and SMOG

Call me an emotional Vampire, a parasite to others

But I would feel some joy each day, if I could have my druthers

Some men seek out riches, and stash them all away

But I for one need my feelings touched to give them life each day

If you would help this beggar out and give his life a lift

Share with me some emotions, a truly priceless gift

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