Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Evolution's Myth

Evolution, Darwin said, brings change to all that lives

I can't agree with all he thought; the reason that he gives

For creatures odd and plants diverse, the Platypus and such

No relative of mines an Ape, that theory's much too much

Things do change, I'll give him that, not just things alive

We alter them through daily use, not adapting to survive

Take the language which we speak, is it alive or still

I have witnessed it evolve and I believe it always will

What meant one thing years ago may now mean something new

We simply coin a phrase or word related to our point of view

Dysfunctional and Family, an adjective with a noun

We're not constructing sentences, just putting excuses down

It's a Fetus, not a Baby, she chooses to abort

Not much worse than killing time, if your that type or sort

Politically Correct means acceptable to all that matter now

It isn't really what you say, just concentrate on how

If we can say it differently, Infanticide's OK

But abortion is still MURDER, just said some other way

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