Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Accomplishments that swell the chest, and for some; swell the head.

Are thought to be important goals for the days that lay ahead.

Acquaintances will pat our backs and stroke our Ego's fur.

Or heap upon us praising words and begin each phrase with SIR.

Success is what we all strive for, be it business, home or love.

And even if I step on you, I'll reach the rung above.

But once you've made it to the top and stop to look around.

You'll find you're standing all alone and there's no way out but down.

A Castle is a lonely place, its solitude, so cold.

A lofty perch is a scary place when you're graying, tired & old.

What really is the meaning of life, what good is gold & stuff?

You sure can't take it with you, so how much is enough?

Life's treasures can't be stored away or kept in safes of steel.

You'll find them in a close friends smile or sharing what they feel.

A tender word, a gentle hug or a gaze that speaks to hearts.

Can restore a shattered, broken life or a soul that's torn apart.

Love is a treasure for sharing, so if God has richly blessed.

You have enough to give away and pass your toughest test.

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