Tuesday, October 6, 2009

He and We

Twix earth and sky His Son did die and shared the fate of thieves

Between the pair, hung willing there, one of the two believes

The middle man, by Roman hand, was pierced and died for me

His blood was shed; thorns crowned His head, there on Calvary

His lifeless form, away was born, a stone, it barred the way

All soon would see, the dawn of three, as His resurrection day

He lived in love, God's Holy Dove, raised again to live forever

Love as I and never die; I will leave you never

His Spirit came, a Holy Flame, Unknown Tongues and Power

Believe in me; be sin free, my blessings I will shower

So you and I believe and try to live our life as He

By faith today, we walk His way, toward Eternity

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