Wednesday, October 7, 2009

He wept once more

When I think about The Father's Son and what He did for me

When I think of what He suffered, to set all captives free

My spirit spans the ages past, and I am down on my knee

Before that cruel, Roman cross; there at Calvary

I've trod that path a thousand times and looked upon His face

And marveled at the joy I felt in such an awful place

I've heard Him ask forgiveness for those who placed Him here

And saw the trace, on His bloodstained face, of one cleansing tear

A smile appeared on His tortured face as He saw me kneeling down

As if I were the first to come and trod that holy ground

But the path's worn deep by searching feet; it's a place where millions have been

While strewn all round are life’s burdens found and garments soiled by sin

I know there's power in that blood, it delivers men today

But I never knew a joyful tear could wash that blood away

For the joy set before Him He endured the cross, despising the shame He must bear

And that tear I saw, from His cheek did not fall, His Father gently took it from there

And created a Sea, which He said would be, the place where all sin is cast

I wasn't the first to know His mercy and I'm certain I won't be the last

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