Wednesday, October 7, 2009

His pen

Posthumous recognition is so often a Writer's fate.

While the world ignores creation's fruit, an Author can but wait.

Inspiration stirs the hand to pen, then death claims life unknown.

The depth of man's emotions, in heartfelt words are shown.

Renown and fame are strangers here, while poverty clings like dust.

Not one man would see the words they will not trust.

A desire to share what God inspires, drives this writer's hand.

For he knows the voice of the one, true God and writes at His command.

A willing instrument seeks no honor; the Master sets the task.

Words flow by the force of His power and I do what He may ask.

So give the glory to my Lord, if any praise is due.

For I am but the pen of God...and I share His words with you.

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