Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Last Will and Testament

After I'm gone and some years have past.

I pray that these words are found at last.

The years of my life, I've recorded in pen.

So some other soul might relive them again.

I hope it's a Grandchild or some other heir.

Investing the time and allows me to share.

These words I hold precious, and pen out of heart.

Preserving the lineage my Fathers did start.

My heirs have my bloodline, they may look like me.

And by reading my words, my struggle they'll see.

Perhaps know the joy I felt in my soul.

I pray that they can, for that's my life's goal.

My words, they seem endless; what if they get bored?

To lose someone's interest I cannot afford.

Printing a lifetime on paper is tedious too.

Just like this poem I've written for you.

So, hang on dear reader, there's something in store.

Perhaps you will find it, through the next written door.

Each word is a portion of the life given me.

So, read all my words if my soul you would see.

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