Thursday, October 15, 2009

Look! It's a flying saucer. No! It's a Balloon that looks like a flying saucer


It seems that the whole world was holding its collective breath as the first reports began to come across TV screens.  Speaking for myself personally, when I first saw the images of that "Saucer" Flying across my wide screen in HD, I assumed that it was someone's video of a supposedly real flying saucer or at least a UFO.

Then I got the rest of the story and I'll confess, I was captivated by it.  A six year old boy crawled into the bottom of his father's storm chaser craft and by some mysterious means, the tethers that were holding it down got released and the craft rose into the heavens, the little boy on board.

I found the whole thing so interesting that I glued myself to the TV and sat there mesmerized as the story was revealed.  The helicopters that were tracking the craft did a great job of recording the whole affair so it could be shared with news broadcasters around the world.

Two hours flashed by and I was still watching.  Then it went on for another hour or two and I told myself that these news gathering people were not very good at their jobs.  Were they afraid of asking questions of the boys family?  I saw a picture of the whole family standing in front of the balloon and that craft looked different from the one the news cameras were following.  The one in the pictures looked like the little box on top had six or eight sides, sort of like a stop sign and the one which finally landed in a field way out in the boonies in Colorado appeared to have a container attached that had many more sides to it.

Then I got on this here computer and did some news searching and I found out that this boys' family had recently been featured on an episode of Wife Swap.  That's when the little light came on over my head.  I'll bet you those three children liked all the attention that got while on that show.  Fifteen minutes of fame or one half hour of fame or even one hour of fame was not enough for them.  They got their little scheming heads together and came up with a plan.  OK Falcon, you go upstairs in the attic over the garage and hide.  I and your other bother will tell anyone who asks what happened with the balloon that you crawled inside the little box on the bottom and suddenly the ropes holding it down broke and it took off with you inside.  It will be so exciting and everyone will get scared and try to find you. It will be like a gigantic game of hide and go seek.  You will be the center of attention then Falcon.  You want to do it...Huh?  OK!  Good.  Now go and hide and the game will be on.

From that point on it was like an avalanche. Once it had up a head of steam, there was no stopping it.  Then the boys got scared and there was no way any of them could tell the truth.
They would keep going until the bitter end and the end certainly did get bitter or at least, it should end bitterly and painfully but from what I hear about the boys family, they aren't big into corporal punishment.  It is said that the parents allow the boys to run wild.

See what can happen when you allow that kind of stuff to go on?

I couldn't wait to tell Maureen and Gail....See! I told you so.
I was a boy at one time in my life.  I know how them little suckers think.

How would you handle this situation if you were those boys parents?
I'd be tanning me some hides and hanging them on the shed out back.

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