Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Lord's Telephone

When the storms of life lash away at my soul, and it seems that the sun's gone for good

When waves of doubt wash away my foundation and weaken the ground where I stood

When my fair weather friends seek shelter, and leave me to face life alone

I still have a friend I can turn to, when I call on the Lord's telephone

His line is never busy, and it seems he is always in

He listens to every word I say, he's my only foul-weather friend

I tell Him all my troubles, my fears, my pain, my sin

He's so very understanding, He comforts me, and then

He tells me that He loves me, and soothes my troubled soul

And talks to me of Heaven, the home I've made my goal

He doesn't have call waiting, or a three minute limit on time

And God, our Holy Father, listens in on the party line

You don't need a coin to call Him, and a push-button phone's no good

Praying is what we call it, do you know Him, you easily could

It's not a one-way system, He calls me all the time

It's usually when I need Him most or have another mountain to climb

He certainly is a special friend, and I love Him more than life

He gave me this smile I wear on my face and removed all the fear and strife

He helped create the universe, with His Father and the Holy Ghost

And took away my burden of sin, for that I thank Him the most

So now I live my life for Him and try to control my will

He's done all this and more for me, but He never sends me a bill

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