Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Love Elixir

If there were some elixir that made a marriage last;
some strange and wondrous potion, brewed up by Wizards past

I'd give a dose to newly-weds and some to pairs in trouble
or for a marriage on the rocks, prescribe a dose that's double

But I'm afraid it's never been, this phantom brew of yore.
No chemical or magic hex can stem what lays in store

We see them in divorce courts, their dreams a shattered mess,
and if I had to site some cause, I simply have to guess

We can agree on what went wrong for hindsight is crystal clear.
But which of us has a perfect plan that works from year to year?

Surely there's some steadfast rule we always overlook.
Of course there is; I read it once, in some old, tattered book

Let me see, what was that phrase? "When two become one flesh".
It's been written there for many years and yet it seems so fresh

"Forsaking all others", even Mom and Dad, is that what those words said?
Something about an acceptable and undefiled marriage bed

That doesn't sound like modern life, but what if that stuff's true?
And now that I think about it, it worked for me and you

"Cleave to one another" and that's just what we did.
The secret's been there all along; never was it hid.

Someday the world may realize, the Bible IS God's plan.
The answer for our earthly life; the elixir for every man.

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