Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Macho men

Hard as nails you must be my son and another thing; men don't cry

You'll have to work to live in this world, it's not easy but you still must try

Fight for what you believe in; be tough and brave and strong

Be honest, trustworthy, pay your debts; do good and you'll never go wrong

Advice to no end they give you about how to become a man

To prepare you for life as they know it, the very best they can

But I know them for what they really are, under that Macho shell

They are people we love and look up to; the man we all know so well

Known by many names by their children; Father or Pop or Dad

I'll tell you what they really are; the best friend a kid ever had

Like a Tortoise they are hard on the outside; inside, soft as can be

They never display any weakness, no emotions for others to see

So how come they like little Puppies and love kids the way that they do

Muscled, hard hands, so rough and strong, yet gentle when holding you

Their physical appearance says one thing, their behavior tells you another

If they're so big and bad and tough, how come they're loved by your mother?

Opposites attract, that's what they say and you've all heard that story

Men do all those manly things, things that most women find gory

They hunt and fish and clean their catch, or kill a menacing spider

But let your Mom have a heartache, and he's right there for comfort, beside her

Many things in life can stir your heart and cause sympathetic tears to flow

But the sight of a grief stricken, crying man moves like nothing else I know

Men shed tears so seldom in view and hide the hurts that bring pain

Many men have reason to cry like, when at war, a friend was slain

Many men have died in battle, the pain of their wounds intense

But to hold back the tears, born of pain, does any of that make sense

I know that most men have loved someone with all that they possess

But to express that love with spoken words just isn't manly, I guess

Let that same man come to Jesus, to repent and be born-again

Then the tears will flow freely, these new creatures are now "Real" men

Words of love bubble forth as a fountain, their hearts overflow with His love

Who gets the thanks and the praises, why Jesus, or Lord from above

His Father, He knows all about men, as His creations He certainly should

But men weren't created to be as they are, not to sin, but to love and do good

So if you ever see your Daddy crying, don't think him less than the best

He's more like Christ when he's crying and passed the world's toughest test

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