Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My little Light

There is a light inside of me that shines on what I am to be

It shows me things that I do wrong and lights my path as I walk along

I keep this light in a special place, the warmth of it can be seen on my face.

A light so strong, its power shows; it constantly shines and Jesus knows.

How I received it and welcomed the day, when He entered in and drove the darkness away.

What once was gloomy is lighted so well, and it's filled with love, I can tell.

It feels so good and it's great to share, it never runs out, there's so much there.

All of that love in such a small space, and though I give it away at a furious pace.

It keeps on coming, there's an endless supply, a light that brings love, I asked Him why?

Why did He do it? Give this to me, forgive all my sins and set my soul free.

He said He's the light and loved us all so, He was willing to die and conquer our foe.

He gave me this light so others could see, that He is the way, then left it to me.

To let that light shine and lead others to Him, I'm doing my best, though my light is quite dim.

As weak as it is, with thanks it's still shown, Just pray and seek Jesus; get one of your own.

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