Wednesday, October 7, 2009


"REVIVAL TONIGHT" that's what the sign said.

Can you bring back to life, something that's dead?

It has been a long time since Jesus was here.

It hasn't been done, not this day, not this year.

If someone's not dead, but just seems to be.

Mouth to mouth breathing, like you've seen on TV.

Can bring someone back, who's not taken by death.

Three or four minutes without pulse or a breath.

Is already too late, they'll suffer brain damage.

They may be alive, but they'll never manage.

To get back to normal, as they were before.

To die makes them "Lucky", with what lays in store.

What about us, the ones who know Him?

Is our spirit dead, when our light is that dim?

If we stay off our knees and don't pray for others.

Or dabble in sin, sin is what smothers.

A light that was bright, which others could see.

A handicapped Christian, is that you, is that me?

So we go to Revivals and get God's CPR.

It may bring us back, if we've not gone too far.

Spirits don't breath, they die of malnutrition.

Praying is a meal, and there's too much meal missing.

Vitamins and such do a spirit no good.

They're strengthened by love, when we love as we should.

Then, there's God's Rescue Wagon, which nobody sees.

It comes in so quietly, when we're down on our knees.

A small, quiet voice has this Medic of mine.

One touch of His hand and I'll soon be just fine.

If your spirit is starved or your light is too dim.

Admit you're in trouble, then just call on Him.

He'll give you new life and replace that dead heart.

He'll do all He can if you'll do your part.

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