Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Secret Shared

Yesterday has stolen the years and beckons from over my shoulder

While memories fade and vision dims with each day I grow older

When it's hard to recall yesterday, or see what may be tomorrow

Life can become a blurry haze and each day fills with sorrow

Contentment is my enemy; I long for adventure's joy

And wish that I could return to when, I was a carefree boy

Life demands so much of me; I'm shackled by the weight

I pray I find the way to change before it's much too late

This rut I'm in is deep and dark, no sun to warm my heart

I cannot climb the steep, blank walls or make the darkness part

Is death the only open door and freedom a nightly dream?

Or is my soul deeply depressed and things not as they seem?

I would warn you children; don't follow the path I trod

Abundant life is not material goods; it's only found in God

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