Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Soul Seed

A point to ponder, a solution to find, never a lull for a curious mind.

I just can't quit thinking for a moment or two; I'm not all that mental; just need something to do.

Searching for answers; perhaps you would know; from what kind of seed does a Congregation grow?

How much like a garden is our Pastor's view; people in rows, pew after pew.

But something is wrong, all the rows are not filled; was the reason bad seed or the soil not tilled?

Is the ground without water, lifeless and dry; do we only sow more to watch it all die?

Are the tall plants now standing, healthy and well; is their fruit hanging heavy?'s so hard to tell.

The wheat from the tares, the live from the dead; where he planted good seed; we find in its stead.

Spaces and gaps, bare spots galore; if we have no harvest, there's hard times in store.

What will the Lord say when crops are so lean?...I promised you Heaven; there's no in between.

You say that you trust me; Well! Where are the sheaves?'s not much to show for one who believes.

My Word is the seed from which Churches grow; in good ground or bad, your task is to sow.

I'll send one to water, the increase is mine...just follow instructions; the crop will be fine.

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