Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Spiritual Warfare

Daily life provides and endless procession of challenges, some so formidable, I am reluctant to engage them.

Wisdom is the Tactical Commander, duty calls me into the fray, and God urges me to take up weapons and join the battle.

I have known defeat many times at the hand of my enemy and some of my wounds have threatened continued existence. It is not my life's blood that seeps from these wounds, but my will and confidence, spiritual strength, and hope for the future.

I am too ashamed to turn to God in my defeat, my disgrace? To what safe place can I retreat to rest, treat my wounds and recuperate?

All soldiers know the need for peace and safety. It is the reason they fight; the reason for their sacrifice.

Greater love hath no man than this; that he lay down his life for his friends.

Youthful ignorance paints fierce faces on imaginary enemies.

For them, NOW is a time of ease.

Life casts down a gauntlet, and youth, stirred by the challenge, eagerly picks it up and slaps life's face.

But a conquered challenge is no time for boasting. The calm will be short-lived. Tomorrow comes quickly, and in its' wake, another challenge, another test, another battle.

There is no elation without risk. Mastery over any challenge provokes indifference and distain. All interest in the contest wanes and the youthful victor turns his back on the enemy in defiance, and searches tomorrow's horizon for a more worthy opponent.

Not all battles end in victory. The challenges of life are not imaginary, but youth is shortsighted and no threat to the enemy’s battle plan. The foe's forces encircle our position, his campfires burn brightly, and youth does not see the danger.

The enemy wears no identifying uniform, nor does he display his banner. He dispatches forces to infiltrate our safe havens, to influence the hearts and minds of our children. I have manned the watchtower through countless hours; spiritual eyes focused on the enemy’s position. I fear that he has passed unseen, hidden by the cloak of darkness. His assassins thrust through my own heart and I am wise to his ways. What about our youth? They are his true objective. They are tomorrow's reserves. Who will stand in the gap when we have fallen under the onslaught?

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