Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Talking with Him

Good morning Lord, I said out loud, How warm your sun does feel

Just how you keep it hanging there, I've simply no idea

Your breeze it brought the scent of flowers, Honeysuckle and such

I love the things you've made for me and Lord I felt your touch

A leaf, it brushed against my cheek, your grass so cool and green

I lay here looking at your sky; you've created a beautiful scene

The clouds held up with unseen hands, the birds you taught to fly

A cricket sings the song you gave and a Monarch drifted by

You gave me life and gave me love, so many other wonderful things

And in return, I gave you me and this praise my heart now sings

There's just no way to out give you, and Lord you know I've tried

So little could I offer you, not even the tears I've cried

Even those result from joy, the joy you gave me on that day

The only time you ever took, you took my sins away

And now you give a day like this, after giving us your Son

I've never been so happy Lord, thanks for all you've done

Tomorrow brings another day, another chance to share

This world you've made for everyone, and a love beyond compare

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