Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This is no Joke

I'm no Angel, that's plain to see

Just common & plain as I can be

Don't wear suits or put on airs

Just want you to know that no one cares

What you may think when I act crude

Or if you're critical when I get rude

I'm just me, I've always been

If you tell a joke I'm sure to grin

Cause a merry heart can keep you well

I like laughing so jokes I tell

If we give account for each foolish word

There's plenty to tally with the jokes I have heard

But joy's not funny, it just feels good

I'd rather have that if I always could

With a merry heart and a joyful soul

Someday I'll reach my life long goal

Cause Jesus said, "Just as I am"

To follow Him as best I can

So I do my best to make life fun

And trust my soul to God's only Son

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