Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A truth I learned

Oh! To be so young and free, with all of life to come

Free to choose a trodden path or one that's seen by none

Foolish choices, hardened hearts, the pain of lessons learned

The dying embers of passion's fire, quenched by love once spurned

Young hearts know fearlessness, born of innocent age

They care not what tomorrow holds while hope inside doth rage

The future comes with each new morn; excitement spurs them on

But life will hide her pitfalls well, until tomorrow's dawn

Scarred and hurt, the old look back, to see what might have been

And wish that they could go back there, to try it all again

Though I may sing Septembers song, don't shed a tear for me

I hold life’s treasures in my heart, while the young’s are yet to be

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