Thursday, November 5, 2009

Do the one something you can do today

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yesterday Maureen was off work and we usually try to find something we can do together on any days off. I got on-line and checked the movie listings at our favorite local theaters and found nothing that interested either of us, BUT…….one listing did catch my attention. It stood out because it was so unusual. It said that the Australian praise and worship group “Hillsong” was offering this live broadcast that would be beamed to 500 theaters around Canada and the USA. It was coming to The Florence De Lux Cinemas.

I knew what Hillsong represented and I had several of their recordings in my current music files on this very computer. They are one lively, group of singers and musicians; a group with the ability to excite unbelievably large groups of young people no matter what country they perform in. They are so good that they could give those “head-bangers” and country artists some competition when it comes to drawing large, “rowdy” masses into a local arena or stadium.

I thought that I might like to attend such a program. Imagine, a Christian movie being featured in a “secular” movie theater. They would be talking about, singing about and giving testimony about, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. WOW! What a venue and opportunity for this generation’s young believers to exert whatever influence they might have into the minds and perhaps hearts of those willing to pay the price of admission, which by today’s standards for seeing a movie was quite precious to someone with limited income, which is what most young people have today.

So, I called my daughter and asked if she and Sue would be interested in attending it with me. YES! They would. I asked if I should order the tickets on line just in case it was a sold out event. The theater it was scheduled to be viewed in only held a little over one hundred people. She thought I should and I did.

We arrived earlier than most, got our refreshments and hurried in to get some choice seat location. We have preferences in this sort of theater. High up and on the end of a row of seats. We had no problem getting them since only a few people beat us inside.

We watched as small, excited groups of young people came in and chose their own favorite locations. I could feel the charge of their expectations in the ambient atmosphere. I was sharing their excitement and expectations. I just knew it was going to be a very special experience. The first twenty minutes was nothing to change that feeling of expectation, in fact it seemed to enhance it. We were getting “pumped up.” Unless you are a born-again believer with some Pentecostal experience under your belt, you may not fully comprehend what I mean by “pumped up.” Does the phrase “starting to feel the Spirit” mean anything to you?

Two young men took the seats directly in front of our own, paused and turned to ask us if it would bother us any at all, should this program have a praise and worship section in it, if they stood up and joined in the praise and worship. “Are you kidding fellows? We are Pentecostal, so there’s little others do during praise and worship of Jesus or His Father that could bother us.” We believe we’ve seen it all.
I hate to admit that the atmosphere in the theater was headed down hill from there.

Here’s what I came away with after the experience.
The world is packed full of people with needs…all kinds of needs and no one person could possibly fill those needs, at least not anyone that isn’t GOD.
BUT…we CAN do something; anything that helps to provide fulfillment of another person’s needs.
DO NOT get discouraged when being faced with the immensity of the world’s needs.
Accept the fact that you, by yourself, even with God’s help is not going to solve the world’s problems.
God’s only Son couldn’t do it, not in one life time so God made a way for Him to do the one thing the whole world needed the most. To die for our sins and provide a means for all that followed Him, believed in His sacrifice and accepted Him as their only salvation in this world. He WAS our example and the one man’s life we should do our best to emulate.

My daughter said, as we walked outside, maybe her Pastor is right. Perhaps this IS the generation of young people that will show the world what His only Son’s message actually was and they would show the rest of us how to do it. Through LOVE and effort in Jesus’ name.

Do the one something that you can do at that moment, on that day and then do the same thing tomorrow.
See another person’s need and if you have the means to fill it, then by all means and with the love that Jesus has placed in you; FILL IT. That’s how you and I can make a difference. That’s how we can change the world.

It’s nothing new. It’s what it has always been. God’s plan for all of us. Love one another as I have loved YOU.

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