Saturday, November 14, 2009

Going where few have gone...on purpose that is

Ronni over at TGB posted this entry concerning health care reform and the bill that was passed by congress only recently.

Out of my own ignorance, I asked a question and stated my own personal opinion about the topic of "abortion" which is an area of considerable concern for some.

As for myself, I've accepted that the Supreme Court has legalized abortion. The part I questioned was whether any private insurance provider allowed the abortion procedure in the recent past.  In my non-up-to-date mind, abortion was an "elective type surgery" and no insurance company was going to pay for an elective surgery procedure. Someone informed me by using the comments feature on TGB's blog that private insurance companies HAVE been paying for abortions.  I'll admit that my already wrinkled brow grew even more wrinkled at that news.

My experience with insurance companies told me that they would not pay for a woman having her tubes tied, nor would they pay for a man having a vasectomy if it wasn't for the fact that doing so would mean a married couple wouldn't be having any children that they would need to cover for years to come.  So...can I assume that is the reason they decided to start covering abortions?

The next thing you know they will start agreeing to pay for liposuction procedures and the means of helping people stop smoking for similar reasons.

No wonder the cost of Health Insurance continues to go through the roof.

Roe vs Wade may have made an abortion legal but women still had to pay for having it done back then.  What happened?  Will they pay for face lifts too?

It just doesn't compute for me.  Should I add that it's not logical?

In the case of auto insurance, if a person has an accident and it's their fault, they may be excused for one accident by one or two insurance companies in the business today but if they have two or three in close order, they are sure to be dropped. I wonder; is there a limit as to how many abortions an insurance company will authorize payment for?

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