Monday, November 9, 2009

Here's a news article we all need to be aware of and respond to

The Washington Post's Scott Butterworth has suggested that President Obama has committed a terrible mistake. Read his accusation.

I read this story and just sat here bewildered by the reporter's implications. The term "Army Psychiatrist" does not name the alleged shooter by name. How is this statement a violation of the supposed CODE involving the offense of "LIBEL?"

In my opinion, the Obama Whitehouse doesn't need to bother with a comment on the matter.

Unless there is only one Army Psychiatrist on the roles of the Army's mental professionals scattered around the world, how can anyone make the connection with the man whose currently being guarded in a local hospital somewhere in the Fort Hood area of Texas?

This a perfect example of what is wrong with the country's legal system. Stupid news articles like this being written and published about.

The real problem in this matter is the fact that the female, private police officer that confronted the shooter while he was in the act of killing his fellow army members was that her aim wasn't more accurate and that she didn't kill him outright, then and there. "It's not possible to libel or slander the dead," they say.

Is there any doubt at all that the man this brave officer was exchanging gunfire with was NOT the one who had just shot and injured all those victims, including herself?

Perhaps she only allegedly shot back at him.

Come on people! When are we going to quit coddling these caught red-handed criminals and murderers?

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