Monday, November 9, 2009

How many promises did he (Obama) make?

Here's a source for Political information concerning over 500 promises the President allegedly made while running for office. I knew he made many but even I was shocked to discover there had been that many. This source has done most of the legwork for anyone researching the topic. I want to be sure they get ALL the credit and any blame which may arise later should it be discovered that it is biased in any way.

I'm sorry, but I hold this opinion that ALL, MOST, SOME, A FEW, or perhaps ONE news publishing entity has an agenda and is suspect when it comes to political views and the resulting reports they publish. I have no proof; not one iota of evidence that such is the case, so I reiterate, it is purely my personal opinion.

Here is type of "mission statement" published by them:

"PolitiFact is a project of the St. Petersburg Times to help you find the truth in American politics. Reporters and editors from the Times fact-check statements by members of Congress, the White House, lobbyists and interest groups and rate them on our Truth-O-Meter. We’re also tracking more than 500 of Barack Obama’s campaign promises and are rating their progress on our new Obameter."

Here is a link to their Obamameter promise tracking page.

I found this site to be very interesting and should I reach the place where I believe I can put my full trust in the conclusions they reach, I will become one of their biggest Blogging supporters. If they prove to be worthy, their site will become a very popular source for political blog fodder. At this time I will express my thanks to them for the funds, time and effort of management and the employees that are doing the lion's share of the research for all of us.
Thank You St. Petersburg Times!

My wife and I got into a discussion recently about lobbyist's influence upon politicians and whom is contributing the most toward a candidate's campaign while they are running for office. I saw on this site that at one point Obama hinted that he "might" go the public funds route to support his campaign and then, crawfished somewhat about it and decide not to.

I know from experiences while in the work-force that there are many jobs a person can work at which receive a lot of attention from various forces of potential influence attempting to sway someone in their direction and I will confess that it can be very affective.

I witnessed the departure of purchasing agents and the heads of shipping departments when it was discovered that they had accepted "gifts" in one form or another from companies that desired to obtain an "edge" over their competition when it came time to select someone to fulfill their company's business needs.

I would also hazard a guess that a large percentage of those decision makers in many companies have been "wined and dined" if nothing else by sales agents or other company reps at some time in their career. Being the shipping clerk for one employer of mine for a period of time, I attended parties, was given Christmas gifts, etc. At the time, I saw nothing wrong with that but later in my career, my eyes were opened to the truth and I began to refuse those kinds of offers, if for no other reason than to protect my job. People have been let go for less.

I remember hearing President Obama mention during one of his televised speeches, that he would do all he could to block or reduce the access "lobbyist" have to the halls of the Congressional/Senatorial office buildings and the public servants that worked in them. Don't quote me on that statement being verbatim but it's what I understood he was saying at the time. It's way beyond time that someone did something to curtail the activities of Lobbyist within our government. Our elected officials must deal with these influence peddlers day-in and out, everyday and I can only imagine how it weighs upon any resolve they might have had when they first took office, not to fall prey to such attacks. YES! I said attacks. That's exactly what it is. It's no less serious an attack than any outside enemy who trys to infiltrate and alter our present government.

These attacks on the will of our elected officials has the potential to cause them to forget exactly whom it is that they work for.

I am also an advocate for term limits being imposed upon our elected officials time in office. I don't believe that it was ever intended by the formers of our constitution to establish "Professional Offices Holders" within our government. In my opinion, it is not good to expose any person to the temptations that one can be exposed to while in public office for forty or fifty years. They would need to be super-strong in all aspects of integrity, ethics and morality even to survive for a short period in some elected offices. Even if the spirit is strong, the flesh is proven to be weak in many circumstances.

Here is the link for an interesting page on that same site that involves quotes about ethics.

If you find these links and the information provided by this site to be useful and relevant to your own person purpose, be sure to thank the kind people represented in some way.

Thank You St. Petersburg Times!

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