Thursday, November 19, 2009

If you talk trash and do sneaky stuff when the ref isn't looking, you should expect to receive some retaliation very soon.

If you are someone without a TV or seldom watch news, than perhaps you haven't seen the video all the news sources have been clogging up the news channels with of one Elizabeth Lambert, who plays or before this, did play for the New Mexico Women Soccer Team. Since that, she has been suspended indefinitely for her actions.

Ms. Lambert apologized for her behavior but I could tell...her heart wasn't in it and I for one don't blame her alone for the events that took place during the match. If you don't know or believe that women athletes can be just as aggressive, just as competitive and just as vengeful as any man under the same set of circumstances, you may need to investigate as I did and then to think it over again. 

Women are known for their ability to talk and when it comes to talking "trash" during athletic competition I believe they do excel at it.  Once more I must call out the news media for being biased in this particular matter.  Yes! It looks bad for Ms. Lambert when they show the tidbits of video they gleaned from whomever was taking video of the match between New Mexico and BYU. I will also call to your attention the footage shown along with the excessive ponytail pulling where a little, blond BYU player confronted Ms. Lambert after the match ended and tried to throw some more gasoline onto the smoldering embers of Ms. Lambert's fury by pointing out that Ms. Lambert's team LOST in spite of her efforts. She was lucky she didn't get a shot to the lips for that remark.  I think I may have applied strokes to her face if she did that to me.

Go to YouTube and watch the video for yourself.  Witness the behind the back grasping of the short hairs in the crotch area of Ms. Lambert's person.  Notice how high the dark haired woman in front of her lifted the handful of purchase she had obtained before Ms. Lambert took her to the ground.

There was also an episode the news person likes to use when proving their point that this young woman is aggressive and violent to a fault, where she punched another player in the back.  Did the fact that the person she punched in the back had just applied an elbow to Ms. Lambert's breast escape their notice?  It didn't escape mine.  See for yourself while you are at YouTube.

There was one or two other interactions between herself and various opposing players and I must admit, it put her in a bad light but that's because the editing efforts were so exhaustive.

It was a close to nothing in favor of BYU.  I cannot say at what point in the game BYU scored their one goal but I will venture a guess and say that once they had gained the lead, they used well practiced methods to try to keep New Mexico from tying the score. I would be glad to sit through the whole match if I could find a resource for viewing it.  Still, a viewer would be at the mercy of the organization doing the video taping. How many cameras did they use?  What angles for vantage points did they cover?  Look! If the ref didn't see everything that went on under his field of view, is it possible for those video taping the event to catch every act that occurred on the field?  It may have been possible but we don't know the number of cameras being used.  Cameras at such events try to follow the action, as does the referee in charge.  I'm not even familiar enough with the sport of Soccer to state how many referees are used to officiate during a soccer match.  Surely, there is more than one.

Considering the pressure of competition and knowing how verbal taunts can affect participants that are very aggressive and competitive, who can say how they would react under the same set of circumstances.  These are not professional athletes; they are college students that may not have enough experience to have achieved a high level of self control while playing the game. Just consider what takes place in a hockey match among pros. Fans and viewers at home have come to expect violence during a match.  It's very, very common. Blood has stained the ice during many matches...and those guys carry big sticks and don't skate around particularly quiet while doing it.  Just listen to the swishing, swooshing and collisions with the boards and other bodies.  Glass gets broken and so do bones, teeth and faces.  I know...that's hockey and not Soccer but it's still a highly contested sport.

If Ms. Lambert is thrown out of the sport permanently, I feel that someone should look closely at the available video and make sure that there aren't some others that need to go with her when she goes.  Somehow, I don't feel that she was the lone culprit, just the one that got caught on tape the most.

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