Friday, November 6, 2009

A personal, intimate outpouring of compassion in my best words and expression

There was a time when words expressing my love for you flowed like a wild river, churning, boiling, gushing forth, cutting deep channels in my soul.

My passion for you grew uncontrolled, consuming every moment of daily awareness, blocking from my consciousness, the rest of my surroundings.

There was only you and I, this love we shared and our need for each other.

Separated from you...I was half a person, pleading with time to hurry and allow me to be whole again.

Does love that powerful have the ability to compress time? It would seem so, for it was only yesterday that we met and grew to love.

Thirty years later, our passion has not ceased, it has been transformed, aged like fine wine or great art, a timeless treasure.

Our love was not subdued as one might a wild thing, but gentled, quieted, calmed and mellowed.

I can only know comfort when you are within an arm’s reach.

Each day we put on our union as one would a favorite pair of comfortable jeans, rest in the familiar touch and know joy in our aging hearts.

There is nothing else in this world I would be willing to exchange for the life we have had together. Heaven must have ordained it to be so.

Stay close now my love, for time will try to tear us apart, we must not let it succeed. One heart, one soul, one spirit, one love is what we have become. There is no force in the universe that has the power to divide us now. Not even death.

Written for my dearest wife on her 49th Birthday..August 1st, 2001


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