Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Using plain words and being understood

It is hard to believe what one can learn about his or her own language and the basic meaning of certain words with only a common Dictionary. We use our traditional language everyday to communicate with those around us, supposing that the words which we have chosen will communicate our exact thoughts and meaning. Could we possibly be wrong?

The more I write, the more I understand about clearly understood communication. We assume so much when we use speech to express our thoughts. Understanding is limited by one's vocabulary, the speaker’s, and the listener's. Unless what someone says is recorded so it can be replayed later and studied, the listener has only one opportunity to grasp the speaker's meaning. I believe Politicians use speech writers and rehearse the speeches they are preparing to give for exactly that reason, and still, understanding will be limited by the listener's vocabulary. That is why speech writers will "Target" specific groups of people when choosing what words to use.

Ever since my Daughter, Kellie, chose Political Science as one of her Senior year studies in High school, I have had reason for giving all aspects of the subject considerable thought. As a result, my own interests in politics knew a quantum leap and I became Politically & Socially active.

One recent business acquaintance has attempted, on several occasions, to place a label on me in reference to my political position. He has classified me as a "Conservative Republican",
himself, taking up the position as a "Liberal Democrat". I resent tags and labels which try to group people into general categories. I would like to think that I could side with any individual holding opinions which I personally agreed with, regardless of his or her political affiliations and even cross over party boundaries to vote for that person.

The fact that I profess to be a "Born-again Believer in Jesus Christ" as the only Savior for this world, and the fact that I have openly admitted to studying the "Bible", in its many, modern-day translations, has given this same acquaintance reason to say; "Well!, No wonder you're confused".

Today, I decided to resolve these label words which are bantered about so freely. After reading the definition given for "Conservative", I feel it an honor to be tagged as such.

The word "Conservative" is defined as a person who advocates support of established institutions; tending or disposed to maintain existing views, conditions, or institutions: TRADITIONAL, MODERATE, CAUTIOUS. On the other hand, some would say these traits describe a "Boring" person.

If Conservatives resist change and choose to stick with established institutions which have been proven to work, is that all bad? Isn't it better to change slowly and gradually instead of all at once and abruptly? Would you buy a Pig-in-a-Poke, sight unseen? Wouldn't it be wiser and more prudent to investigate what a proposed change would bring about before it was implemented than to jump into it blindly? Not to be sold some "Bill-of-Goods" by some smooth talking Huckster. All of this tells me that a Conservative must be a pretty intelligent individual.

Once I had read what it means to hold a "Liberal" point of view, I was even more convinced that I was on the right path. To be generous and open handed seems to be a desirable trait, but isn't that the basis for our present day Welfare System? I am certain that to lack moral restraint and to be "Licentious" is a negative. To be "Broadminded and Tolerant" sounds good on the surface, but could that be why the Homosexual Lobby has gained so much power in this country?

As I read on, I came upon definition "C" of Liberalism: a Political philosophy based on belief in progress, the essential goodness of man, and the autonomy of the individual and standing for the protection of political and civil liberties. Almost all of that just simply rubbed me the wrong way, mainly because I recognize the resulting problems brought about by such a philosophy.

We have progressed alright. We have progressed to the point of protecting an individual's civil liberties right up to the point that a criminal's civil rights are considered more important than their victim's civil rights or the rest of society, where Abortion is available upon demand right up to the third trimester. God is no longer allowed in our public schools because it might offend some; moral degeneration is common place, even in the highest Political Offices and last, but certainly not least, the belief in the essential "GOODNESS" of man. How misguided can one group of people be? If man is essentially "Good", then I have led the most sheltered of lives. Why do our Prisons bulge at the seams if man is so essentially good? Most men are good because they fear punishment of their evil deeds.

Liberal thinkers would legalize drugs, permit all kinds of perverted lifestyles, even down to sex with children, if they can be persuaded to consent and knowingly participate. They are already responsible for alcohol being legalized, and look at the results of that "Great" decision. The Scriptures tell us that "There is a way which seems right to a man" and our country's moral decay has proven that the scriptures are right and the ways of men have not been, right that is. "THERE IS NONE GOOD; NO, NOT ONE".

Call me a "Conservative" or hang a placard around my neck on a string and I will wear the label proudly.

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