Tuesday, November 24, 2009

When Vultures are flying through my house

I was wondering…is there anyone else out there that has some “cute” little behavior belonging to them and their better half, one that only some very close relatives know about and possibly witnessed being played out?

MLB and I have one that’s been with us for almost 38 years.

Once in a while, one of us will go to the kitchen and make a sandwich, bring it back and place it on the small table that sits between our individual chairs in the TV room.  Suddenly, we think of something we forgot to go with said sandwich and hurry down to the kitchen again to get it. When we return with it, sit down and reach for our delicious looking sandwich, we notice that someone has taken a very large bite out of it.

We usually ask “What happened to my sandwich?”

The other one, who may be still chewing on the stolen bite and speaking with food in their mouth, will explain…”As soon as you left the room this huge Vulture swooped in through the window, took a big bite and flew right back out again.”  That always gets a big smile from both of us.

It had been a while since either of us had any opportunity to steal something from the other like that.  Then, Easter came around.  You know, stores usually have plenty of Easter candy left over that they need to get rid of before it gets stale.  This Easter was no different and considering the fact that Maureen is now working for a chain type grocery, she had opportunity to take advantage of their after Easter sale.  She came home with two boxes of Papa’s chocolate covered marshmallow, one each of light and dark chocolate coatings.

Me having diabetes, I’m not supposed to eat such things…BUT, being human, a very weak human that loves that kind of candy, when Maureen came up here with two of those eggs last evening and laid them on the table and went into our bedroom for something, I remembered out cute little behavior.  I said loud enough for her to hear…”I hate to tell you this but a huge Vulture just flew in the window and I think he has his eye on your candy.” 

She shouted back…”Well that Big Vulture will leave my candy alone if he knows what’s good for him.”

“OK! I’ll try to hold him off but he’s bigger than usual and seems determine to have a piece of your candy.  You had better hurry!  I can’t hold him off much longer.  (There is a loud scream)  best as I could conjure up with one of those eggs in my mouth…Then I yell…”He’s pecking me in the eyes and scratching my cheeks with his huge, filthy talons that I just know he had been holding down a piece of carcass with only a short time ago.  I simply can’t hold him off.  I’m bleeding profusely.”  With that…I got quiet as possible.

Maureen didn’t even come in to see what had happened.  She turned to the right as she came out of the bedroom, returned to where she had stashed those eggs and got herself two more before coming back into this room.

My head hung in shame but I was smiling all the while and I believe there was some thin, chocolate spittle oozing out of the corners of my mouth when I did look up and smile.

I was glad to see that she was smiling too.

How about you…………
Are you smiling? 
I’ll bet you are.

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