Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Holidaze

There is no other time of year which can affect the human spirit the way the up-coming Holiday season can.  Who can explain the sudden change in behavior, the constantly present smile seen on practically every face, the welcoming warmth of total strangers, the hustle and bustle of everyone, everywhere.  You just know they aren't really in control of all they are involved in, but they do radiate that feeling.

Picture this scene, a clan, a tribe or a family gathered together under one roof.  There may be as many as four generations represented by those present.  Ages range from the late nineties to only days old.  Every chair and most of the available floor space is occupied by at least one individual.  No closet can hold the winter apparel of this great horde of human flesh, so one bedroom is chosen for temporary storage.  This system has never proved successful, some articles remain lost to this very day.  I suspect they ended up in the same place all of those missing socks find their way to, sort of an Elephant burial ground for lost items.

It is a time of seemingly endless small miracles.  Everyone was able to clear up their busy schedules and converge on a single location at an appointed time.  It is hard to say exactly how it is accomplished, but somehow all of that wonderful food is ready on time and the table is set.  Differences between individuals are forgotten for this time and there are friendly handshakes, compassionate hugs, and loving kisses spread around everywhere.

The aromas which hang in the air, the cheerfulness and joy in every heart, the atmosphere of togetherness, the peace which seems to control everything, and everyone.  These conditions and circumstances exist all over the world.  National boundaries do not confine the Spirit of this season.  Who can explain the reason or the source of its existence?  Yet it does exist.

Have you begun to feel the effects of its influence?  If not, I am sure you will soon.  Don't try to resist it, you can't.  Just give in and enjoy it.  You will be your old self soon enough.

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