Thursday, December 17, 2009


My LIPS have sunk no ships, but they have hurled verbal stones that crush egos and diminish self-esteem.

My LIPS conceal a weapon so fierce one dare not draw it from it scabbard.

My LIPS have cursed God and in the next instant, kissed the cheek of my precious child.

My LIPS have brought me great shame and regret because they expressed the contents of my heart.

My LIPS have invited many strokes upon my face and knew no remorse.

My LIPS have become thin lines, barely perceptible, compressed by my will in an attempt to still their anger and wrath.

My LIPS one day found other lips upon which they were pressed with great passion and desire and were changed.

My LIPS tasted genuine love, a love that taught them to grin with pleasure, then smile broadly with joy.

My LIPS learned to confess unspeakable truth in repentance, to beg for forgiveness and allow the breath of renewed life to pass through them.

My LIPS will, when the time comes, form words of thanks to my God as their last deed, for these lips have become instruments of love.

Then my LIPS will say “Good-bye; I pray that they have learned to love well.”

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