Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Shia LaBeouf and Moi

Maureen and I saw “Eagle Eye” at the local Deluxe Theater.

Once the action started, it hardly slowed down for any turns, taking some of them on two wheels. I was hanging outside the passenger seat window, flapping in the slip-stream. I don’t believe I exhaled until the end of it. I know others could hear me sounding like a semi on and off the air-brakes.

Today I caught the rerun on HBO and the movie had lost none of its ability to scoop a viewer up and take them for one hairy ride.  I don’t recall at what point in the movie it struck me, but I told myself that Shia looked an awful lot like me when I was sixteen or seventeen years old.

So I did a search on Google for images of him to put along side some of my own I had in my possession thanks to my slideshow project I turned into Christmas presents.

scan0114 Shia LaBeouf3

scan0111 - Copy

So…What do you think?  Am I imaging things?

Bet you can’t tell which is which….Right?

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