Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What is MOACA?

Men of a Certain Age is a new series brought to us on TNT.  YES! TNT does know drama and dramedies too judging by this latest presentation.

I can’t help it; I like Ray Romano and have ever since I watched the first episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. I’ve watched the reruns and rented it from Netflix. Loved it the third time around.

My favorite episode is the one where Marie had baked a Devil’s Food Chocolate Cake and left it out on her kitchen table while visiting at Raymond’s house. Of course, a big quarrel broke out and the men ran out, then over to Marie’s kitchen, sat around the table with a fork for each and talked while slowly devouring Marie’s cake.  Marie called on the phone; they let it go to the answering machine while continuing to scarf down the cake.

The more Marie talked, the faster those three went to eating.  When she said “Are you over there eating my special cake?”  You should have seen the forks flying then. Then, when she said “I’m coming over there and you had better not be eating that cake” and with that those three packed their jowls while slowly raising up from their seats and leaning toward the back door. Robert tripped as he followed Ray and his Dad to the door.  Those two paused at the doorway, trying to decide if they should go back and help poor Robert.

Robert cracked me up as he called out to them…

“Save Yourself!”  I could hardly breathe after that remark.

If that kind of humor is what you are expecting when you watch Men of a Certain Age, forget about it. This is a different kind of humor.  Still, it is very funny in spots.

The cast is great Joe (Ray) plays the owner of a party supplies store who is separated from his wife. Scott Bakula plays Terry, a man who considers himself a real “Playa” in street jargon. His conquests are many and he doesn’t know what commitment means.  Then there is Owen. Is he ever a piece of work. Andre Braugher plays Owen. He works at a car dealership; one his father owns. Recently demoted and looked down upon by his own father (who could imagine such a relationship) Owen is the only “married” one of the three. He has diabetes, is overweight, ( I really relate to him) and hates his job.  No kidding!

Joe(Ray) has a gambling problem.  I know what that’s like. Thank God I saw the light before it destroyed me and now I won’t even buy a scratch-off but I root like everything for Maureen and Gail when they buy Powerball and regular Lottery tickets. I’d be a winner by proxy that way. 

Joe(Ray) isn’t a great father but he’s trying to become one since he realized his shortcomings as an afterthought that came to him while mulling over the “Whys” and “What-ifs” of his separation and soon to be divorce if things don’t change between he and the wife, who; it turns out, was cheating on him with a teacher she had in a local college while trying to improve her resume so she could get a better job and be more self supporting. WHEW! What a sentence that was. Sorry!

The realization that one is “middle-aged” is no picnic. Those mid-life crisis experiences can be pure hell. I recall my own when I was 43.  I guess that’s why I like this series so much. I can relate to the reality these three men are experiencing at this awkward time in most men’s lives.

Three men at that certain age, trying to adapt to life’s changes, maintaining a friendship and continuing to bond with one another, all the while desiring to be better men, better friends and sharing life’s pitfalls and obstacles, celebrating victories and failures together.

We are into the season already. If you haven’t joined me yet, perhaps you’d be better off trying to catch up on their website where full episodes are made available for late comers.  Please give it a chance; then make up your mind. It may not be for everyone.


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