Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dare we call it DESTINY?

Because Maureen goes outside so often to smoke, she has many more opportunities to observe more of the goings on in our neighborhood.  I do wish she was as considerate of herself as she is of myself and Gail. So far, it has been a very cold January here in Kentucky. I can only imagine how difficult it is for her to continue to spare us and the house, but Maureen has always been thoughtful like that. The story which follows only serves to reiterate the accuracy of the fact.

Several times over the past week, Maureen has come back into the house and commented how she had been seeing this strange, white dog wandering our area. She couldn’t tell the breed from a distance but she stated that it looked a lot like an American Eskimo dog. She classified it as “strange” only because she could not recall seeing it before.  There are several dogs that do wander about freely and often but somehow they continue to elude the Dog Wardens that patrol this area from time to time and sometimes more frequently, as in when someone calls them and complains. I will confess, I’ve been guilty of it in the past.

American Eskimo dogs are of special interest to us since Jenny had one parent that was of the breed.

Today, around three this afternoon, Maureen called from work and said she was ready to be picked up. I turned of the TV and got ready to leave. Jenny was waiting at the bottom of the stairs. She knows what it means when the phone rings that time of day and Mom hadn’t been around all morning.  She simply loves to go get Mommy from work.  Today though, both Jenny and Gail were waiting for me to come down. Gail was dressed and ready to go. She had to pick up some prescriptions from the CVS drug store. It was in the same little shopping mall where Maureen works and not out of the way at all.

Once there, I dropped Gail off and continued down to where Maureen usually waits for Jenny and I. I circled the lot and parked out front to wait for Gail.

Back at home, we got our cups of fresh coffee and went to the living room to chat and sip for a time. Maureen took her cup and stepped out onto the patio. When she returned, she once more commented on seeing that white dog. It was then that Gail recalled seeing a poster on the wall outside the drug store asking if anyone had seen this dog. There was a picture included and Gail said she remembered because the picture looked something like Jenny. As these kind of situations often will play out, Maureen looked out the living room window and there was the very dog she had been seeing off and on. Gail, Jenny and I all saw it too. Jenny was the most vocal about it. She was at the window, barking for all she was worth. Suddenly, the dog was joined by one of the Boxers that seems always to be running the streets around here. 

Maureen wondered out loud…”Do you suppose there is any chance that this dog could be that very dog?”  She suggested that perhaps she should call Annie at CVS and ask her to get the phone number from that poster so she could call the one looking for their dog. It’s funny how events like this one go down at times. Most of the time, it’s unproductive and a waste of time and effort but something was nagging Maureen on the inside. Might we call it “intuition” or some other equally mysterious, female trait? I for one am a believer in such manifestations. I’ve had many of my own and Maureen’s have proven to be more accurate most of the time.

Annie has always struck me as a very caring person. She proved once more that my impressions of people are usually correct. She took time out of her busy work day to get that number for Maureen.

Maureen called the number right away and as the universe would have it, the person was at home and very excited to hear that someone might have spotted their lost dog. She told Maureen that she was headed right over to search for the dog. Maureen told her that she would get dressed and walk around a while to see if she could spot the dog again. The woman on the phone told Maureen that her dog’s name was “Kilo” but she would be surprised to find out that he came to any stranger trying to call him. That woman doesn’t know Mrs. Dr. Dolittle. That’s what we often call Maureen. She is an animal Whisperer. They all seem to love her right away.

Maureen was dressed and out the door. Later Gail says she saw this dark colored car passing up and down our street. She assumed that could be the dog’s owner. She assumed correctly we were to find out when Maureen returned. I told Gail I saw Maureen walk back past the house, heading toward Delphi Ave and I thought I heard her call out “KILO!” as she did.

At some point, Maureen and that lady met up and talked a while. Maureen says she suggested that the woman go over to Bright Leaf Bypass and into the subdivision since the dog seemed to be headed that way. Maureen returned home because she was getting very cold after being out for so long.

Some more hot coffee and Maureen was recovering body heat while she filled us in on what she had learned. Seems Kilo ran off with another one of the family dogs. That other dog returned home later but there was no sign of Kilo. That was on the 22nd of December. This is January 5th. That’s about two weeks of running wild for Kilo. We wondered where Kilo was getting food and water. Water might come from the local creek down by the main road. Personally I don’t know how the dog made because it has been so cold of late. I guess it’s good that Kilo is an American Eskimo.

I for one could sense that something good was about to happen. I don’t know how to explain it, but everything was falling into place. Everyone was so excited and cooperative. Maureen must have been feeling that way too. I could hear it in her voice as we discussed everything relative to the event.

Soon, the phone rang and it was the good news we were all hoping to hear. The woman had followed Maureen’s suggestion and sure enough, there she spotted Kilo, sitting on the sidewalk, just inside the subdivision entrance. She called to Kilo and Kilo ignored her. She got out of the car and took a step or two toward Kilo and Kilo charged her and all but jumped up into her waiting arms.

Maureen said she could hear the sounds of family members rejoicing in the background as the woman thanked her endlessly for her involvement in Kilo’s return home. The lady told Maureen her oldest daughter broke into tears a few times Christmas Eve and Christmas Day because she missed Kilo so much and was so worried about him.

It was some time before Maureen could stop listening to the family celebrating and shouting “Thank You!” loud enough for Maureen to hear. Maureen was wearing this extra wide smile when she hung up the phone. Then, this little family did some celebrating of our own.

It was so great to have that happen. Now, as for me…I’m going to call it Destiny.

Maybe it’s no big deal to some of you but we know how we’d feel if Jenny got out and ran off for two weeks. I know; it’s just a dog to some, but to this family and many others I’m sure, it’s like having a lost family member come home. 

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