Thursday, January 28, 2010

A plug for Cookies

NO! Maureen didn't bake a batch of cookies that sprung a leak.  Silly!

As a family group, we searched for a small eatery, close by, where one could get breakfast whenever no one here felt like cooking. We found such a place on SR-25 south, just before the Mt. Zion Road intersection.  It's there on the right and you might miss it if you are not paying close attention. It used to be one of those rogue soft-serve ice cream joints that are peppered around most of the south.

Yes! The owner's nick name is actually "Cookie."  She doesn't really do ALL of the cooking while they are open for business.  She's a good, Christian woman who wants to get to know all of her customers, so much of the time you are there, she is visiting one table or another in between taking orders and serving hot plates from the kitchen.  I recalled that at one time, they held Sunday Church services in the same building. Cookies serves breakfast and lunch but no dinner.  Cookie has to have some time each day for being with the family and members of her churches congregation.  The Church has been moving to larger buildings periodically as the congregation grows.  The Church is of the Baptist persuasion. There are preachers in the family.

Wednesday morning we went over for breakfast.  While there, we were informed that they are having a drawing (men only) in which a feller can win some Valentines Day candy and a nice card for the woman in his life.  At the same time, we were made aware that they were soliciting a new slogan for Cookies that will be printed on the new menu that is in the works.  Maureen came up with what I thought was a great one; I am prejudiced so my opinion doesn't mean much.

It was: Cookies, where the food is so good you feel like licking your plate.
She's fast mentally; I take a little longer now a days when it comes to creative thinking.
Just this morning I thought this one up:  Cookies, where the home cooking is so good you might believe that your own Mother was in the kitchen.

The food is very good.  It has to be or this family unit wouldn't be returning as often as we do. Cookies' philosophy is, if you don't see what you want on the small menu, discuss it with her and she'll try to come up with what you want.  I know that because one of the dishes we came to like a lot could be found at Bob Evans.  It's called a Country Biscuit Breakfast.  Cookie knew what it was and created a similar dish just for us.  It's still not on the menu. Maybe that's why she's having a new menu made, to accommodate that one and dishes some other customers have asked her to create. 

One can always get a bowl of Pinto Beans at Cookies.  Like I suggested before, her kitchen is a lot like your Mother's if you are "countrified" or "rural minded."  She likes to play country music on a low volume so as not to disturb the few customers that are not of that mindset.  George Jones is one of her favorite recording artists.  She also plays some gospel music, Bluegrass Gospel of course.  It's not everyone's cup of tea; an acquired taste.

So...Drop on over to Cookies Place if you are ever in this area of Northern Kentucky.  That's around eight miles south of the Ohio River.  Be careful!  The river is at flood stage right now.

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