Sunday, January 3, 2010

A radical Hillbilly – more terrorizing than a Muslim terrorist


Maureen and I were watching Fox and Friends, Sunday edition this morning.  They went to the topic of the young man who tried to detonate his underwear bomb as the plane he was on approached Detroit.

Maureen hates Obama for breathing. I voted for the man and I’m sorry to say, he has become a huge disappointment to me.

She says “I guess Obama and his crew will turn him over to our legal system, get him a free lawyer and waste thousands of taxpayer dollars guaranteeing him his civil rights.”  Both of us declared in unison…”What civil rights.  He’s not a U.S. citizen.”

I suggested…”If there were any justice in this world, he would be placed before an assembly of news cameras, have an explosive device of some kind affixed to his body and at some counted down point in time, detonate it where all could witness it.”  Film at eleven!

He wanted to sacrifice himself for some Jihad purpose.  He should get his desire and the justice he deserves.  I for one would be sated.

Obama – The PEACE President my eye.

Do you think our enemy would hesitate to make an example of one of our captured soldiers and video tape themselves cutting off his head and showing it on TV?

I’m sick of our government trying to suck up to our enemies.

If Obama hopes to be reelected in 2012, he’d better start doing a better job of defending our country.

Lets not overlook the fact that if said terrorist had been successful he would have killed all the people and crew on that plane, not to mention some untold number of others on the ground as the pieces of that plane fell to earth.  We KNOW he is guilty.  Why does he deserve a trial?

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