Thursday, January 7, 2010

What I think I know about LOVE

Love is a subject so varied, and yet, so specific, depending on what area of life one makes reference to; it would be impossible to form a general opinion concerning it.

Love is an emotional adhesive, bonding people to people, people to things, people to places. There is love of money, love of country, love of God, Brotherly love, marital love, parental love, self love, Christian love, love of life, etc. The list is endless.

One thing is for sure; "Love Binds" when it is genuine. To separate one from a thing which is loved, another person which is loved, or a place which is loved, temporarily or permanently, is not a simple act of separation, putting some distance between the two, leaving each one whole and complete. It is a traumatic event, emotionally violent, tearing away some portion of the one which loves, leaving behind a person less than whole, who will experience some degree of emotional pain.

Love is an unstable element of life. It gives pleasure when binding two objects together, but mutates into a source of emotional torture during or after separation. If love is directed toward another person, and it is not returned by that person; love can transform into the bitterest kind of hatred.

Love is seldom passive or uncommitted. It is either precisely focused or dormant, waiting for some stimuli to spur it into action. It seems to come from an inexhaustible source deep within an individual.

Love can be like a wild fire, all consuming, ravenous in its appetite. It leaves ashes behind when it goes, it doesn’t take all evidence of its presence with it, like rain that has been dried up by the sun.

I don’t believe in love at first sight. I believe in attraction and lust. Love does not exist without reason. Love is not blind, but it can be stupid, illogical and irrational. It sees but it excuses, accepts, covers up and pushes aside without prejudice.

Love can exist where one would least likely expect to find it and yet, it can be noticeably absent where one might expect it without exception. Love is an enigma, a conundrum; a force that defies understanding and comprehension. It cannot be pigeon-holed.

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