Monday, February 22, 2010

Time to “Party” seriously

Tea-party is a title the media has utilized to the maximum of late. It appears that either they or those responsible for organizing these frequent "rallies" is leaning toward adopting the title, trying to establish it as "official."

I would like to submit to everyone the name "Third Party." It could still be referred to as the "T - Party" if some insist on continuing to use the original tagline hoping to eliminate confusion.

Personally, I believe it is time to do something to change our present political situation and problems. I suppose any course of action would function best if it began as a grassroots movement among the nation's voters. It does seem to already have that benefit going for it. I don't know what else anyone could call it besides "grassroots." It sprang up out of nowhere and began to grow, nourished by desperation, hopelessness and a collective anger.

I certainly am no political expert. I suppose I too am hopeless, desperate and angry about what I see going on in Washington. I have been for a long time now.

The Republicans and Democrats have had things their way for much too long. I am also aware of some other smaller party factions that have trying to get their foot in the proverbial door of the Whitehouse but so far, it isn't working. What this country needs is a real Third - Party; one with teeth and support from all those voters who are also sick and tired of the other two party system participants currently in power. That IS what the hubbub is all about you know? POWER!

Staying with the "T" theme, I've gone through the dictionary and tried to pick out all the words I could find that, to this ignorant man, seemed most applicable for the future needs of a new Third Party Platform. I'd guess that some of you more learned individuals out there could add a few more words to my temporary "decking." If so please feel free to do so and post it where you feel it would best be viewed by everyone.







Term limits





Thick as in skinned and not skull





Too Big


Top Secret









Friday, February 19, 2010

Let’s pound them while they are on the ropes


Something I noticed this morning on a newscast. The topic of key-less, push-button ignitions on certain models of new cars came up.  Several people have had something unusual happen to their cars while moving along at good speed.  The brakes didn’t seem to help and for some reason, pushing the start button didn’t work like it does on windows software.  These people couldn’t turn off their car’s engines and then slow to a complete stop,

I know that Toyota is NOT the only manufacturer that produces certain models with this key-less feature. I’m certain that owners of others brands have experienced a similar problem.  And yet … the media cited only Toyota in this article’s broadcast.

I also know that in the past, Toyota has seriously kicked some American automobile company butt.  Recently Toyota has experienced some serious problems and one or two massive recalls for brakes, gas pedal and electric steering problems. 

I believe that it’s some kind of conspiracy, aimed at beating up on Toyota while trying to improve the image of American car makers. 

American’s big three car companies stuck it too we consumers for a long, long time.  They fell by the wayside as Toyota climbed to the number one sales leader.  Toyota did that by producing superior, more dependable cars for many years and then … the bottom fell out of our economy and not many were buying cars period. Every car manufacturer felt the impact of a recession and Toyota was no exception.  They recently admitted that they had cut too many corners and we now paying the price.  Right now they are in a struggle to rebuild their image by repairing all their cars with defects. They deserve at least as many years trying to recover as our own car companies had.

They haven’t needed “bailing out” yet. Give them a chance to regain their reputation and high quality standards. 

The Tiger is out of the Woods

This is no rumor. I witnessed it myself.

Oh it was so sad. My idol, my role model.

This morning, at ten thirty our time, the Golf Channel broadcast a special news cast that featured Tiger Woods bearing his soul and heart to the whole world, a small group of close friends and family and relatives from abroad, through his marriage to Elin.

He seemed a different Tiger than I was accustomed to seeing.  Dare I state that he appeared “Humble?”

It was a long over-due appearance before his public, fans and fellow professional golfers, whose thunder he was stealing, or so some have expressed recently to the media. Why had he chosen this day of all days, when a large, match-play tournament was being hotly contested which was being sponsored by Accenture, one of the groups which he had represented only a few months ago?

This Tiger was a subdued tiger, whose tail was between his legs, obviously ashamed of his own past behavior.

Some desired to judge him to see if he was truly “Contrite” enough to suit them.  I wonder if he was?  I thought he was being very honest and open about his behavior.  He openly admitted that in his own mind, rules that applied to other professional golfers and husbands didn’t apply to him. He was above all that.

He had strayed from his personal faith and religious upbringing.  He had forgotten all the moral teachings he received from his Mom and Dad. He admitted “I NEED HELP!” 

He was getting the best professional help available at a well known addiction clinic.  Tomorrow, he would return there for additional treatments.  I pray for his recovery, both moral and spiritual.

The most meaningful comment I believe I heard him say was, “A man’s success in life is not measured by his accomplishment but by what he overcomes.” 

Tiger Woods has a mountain in front of him. Let’s give him our support and wish him a great success and a speedy return to golf for he means so much to the sport and much of the world in general.  It won’t be easy but I believe he can do it.

I also pray that he and Elin can work things out and restore their family relationship for the benefit of all concerned.

To hair is human

I use an electric razor to shave with most of the time. At other times, I will use a double-bladed disposable one to take care of the longer hairs that gather in low valleys and wrinkles or folds of skin on my neck, front and back. 

I don’t use a mirror when I shave with the electric razor, I usually do that while sitting in front of the TV. Still, from time to time, I find it necessary to stand in front of a small mirror that is mounted on the wall out in the small hallway that connects our three bedrooms and one bathroom on the uppermost level of our tri-level home.  I turn on the overhead light in the hallway so as to establish a kind of back-lighting.  I utilize said light with a purpose in mind.  It aids me in detecting extra long hairs that have sprung up and grown speedily on my head, neck and ears, both internally and externally.

My electric razor has a retractable trimmer on one side. I use it to crop the crazy hairs I might spot during that periodic examination in the back-light.  Recently, I did one of those random inspection and to my amazement, right at the junction of the top of my left ear and shaved super-slick skull, I spotted a small group of very long, gray, curly hairs.  WOW! I thought. Why haven’t I noticed or felt those fellows already?  I popped up the trimmer and dispatched them to hair heaven.

If my hair had grown as fast as those few unnoticed ones did for all my previous life, I wouldn’t have been able to afford the cost of hair cuts even if I had gotten a burr every time. Could it be that hair grows best on decaying flesh?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A weather related rant

A little over a year ago, Maureen and I purchased two 32 inch flat-screen LED Televisions that cost us over $600.00 each. Only today, as we sat watching Monday night's episode of 24, I was greatly distracted by the two inch high band of blue color that extended completely across the width of the television screen. The purpose of that band was to convey information concerning the horrid weather we've been having and it affect on the local activities such as school delays and closings, etc. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Our cable TV stations can't be that different from any others around the country.

I would rather that I hadn't been so distracted by its presence, because the more I thought about it, the more angry I became. Is that band what I've heard a few others describing as a "Crawler?" Well, it can craw its intruding little self right out of my life. I pay for a 32 inch, high definition image on my TV and I demand my monies worth. I'm sick of it. If things keep going this way, before we know it we will be viewing our programs in a space that resembles a washcloth in area. It can't be escaped even when one utilizes a DVR recorder. There's no fast-forwarding though that thing.

While I'm on the subject of television and the weather; what is it about the Chief Meteorologist on a station's broadcast? Aren't they simply too full of themselves?
Has anyone else noticed that maniacal little smirk they have on their faces as they tell us about the "Stormageden" headed our way. They act as if they actually believe all those educated guesses they continually bombard us with whenever our weather turns awful. They have millions of dollars worth of sophisticated equipment they use to interpret the information pouring into their gathering equipment, usually a larger and faster than normal, computer array that produced charts and models that represent what's headed our way and it's never good news. They act like they love it; being center stage, holding us as captive audiences and assaulting our ears and eyes with detestable images of weather related disasters, mumbling under their breathes something about "Surely the end of the world is at hand." I believe they spent considerable time in drama school before getting their current jobs.

Turn on your television early in the morning and you're going to get weather and traffic within the first five minutes and it will be repeated every ten minutes after that. Road conditions and school delays and most business closings mean very little to me. I have several "weather-rocks" that serve me better than those clowns.

Have you ever noticed that when it's this cold and nasty, the weather person is always promising us a "warming trend" or "improving conditions" that are always seven days in the distance and then ... as we slowly approach that day, their details, such as the amount of sunshine we can expect and temperature increases always diminish? They appear to use it like a carrot on a stick, always dangling out there in front of our noses but never being obtainable. It must be a ploy of some kind but for the life of me, I can't figure out what they've got to gain from it.

I'm done now. Sorry! I couldn't help it. I either had to rant or explode and you don't want to witness a sight such as that.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Watching TV on a cold, snowy winter's night

Don't these girls look comfy?

That's Maureen and Lucy-fer laying on the love seat.

It was Bingo night for Maureen and Gail. Jenny, Lucy-fer and I stayed home and "chilled."

I made $40.00 for house sitting and having coffee waiting when they returned.

It must have been near midnight when I captured this snapshot. 

Jenny is in the bed in the other room.
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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Remember when

Here's a little number that certainly brings back memories:

Sha-Na-Na was their name and man! could they do some special numbers.
Just in case you don't recall them ... there was a TV Series by that name. Here's some facts from Wikipedia:  Sha-Na-Na TV series

Sha Na Na was the name of a syndicated variety series that ran from 1977 to 1981, hosted by the popular Rock & Roll/Comedy group of the same name. The show was produced by Pierre Cossette and originally distributed by LBS Communications. Sony Pictures Television currently owns the rights to the series. Donny York, Jocko Marcellino, and Screamin' Scott Simon of the TV group continue to tour as Sha Na Na.

During the shows' opening after the cast and guests are mentioned Myers kicks off the show by saying "And now, here they are, all greased up and ready to sing their brains out, Sha Na Na!" while Jon "Bowzer" Bauman would close out each show by saying "Good night, and grease for peace!" with Sha Na Na singing "Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight" as their closing theme song.

I don't think I missed one of their shows during the time it ran. "Bowzer" was my favorite character, then again, I've always seen myself singing Bass in a Doo Wop group.  Realistically, I knew I'd never make it in that role because so often I'd try to sing along with my favorites and just couldn't hit some of those really LOW notes.  I guess "Little Darling" by The Diamonds was my uttermost favorite of them all.
Those were the days! I'll leave you with this one.

Yep! Six more weeks of winter - for sure

How do I know you may ask?

It's simple.  I was out in the yard yesterday, cutting down the dead Fountain Grass that stood along side of the house.  The sun came out and I saw my shadow. 

What's more, I worked up a little sweat.  That was more important than forecasting the weather.

You see ... Sweat coming out of my pores is more rare than hen's teeth.  Whenever it happens I instantly stop what I'm doing, rush inside and scrape off what I can of it, placing it in an empty medicine container for use later.  USE!  What use you ask?  I am led to believe that it will cure everything, even up to and including Cancer.

I was told, over and over, throughout my formative years, by my dear old Dad that sweat was so rare on me that surely it would cure cancer, and I believed him.  Would you like to try some?  Let me know.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhogs as omens, portents and harbingers.

Whenever I see a Groundhog, it makes me sad.

Sad is a strange reaction to seeing a large rodent.

When I saw one, I thought of food. Food for desperate times. Days when any kind of meat would do. Our family could not be picky and survive for long.

Killing one was only the beginning. FYI, Groundhogs require lots of time and attention just to get them to a point of acceptance as victuals.  If one was not prepared properly, the meat would not be chewed and savored.  Oh No! It would be bitten off in small bits and promptly swallowed.  Soaking the meat in milk may have helped the taste but who could afford milk?

I know…Groundhog’s Day is a quaint custom. Knowing what I know about Groundhogs; no self-respecting Groundhog would be caught dead outside its burrow and cozy, underground den in early February, especially not in Pennsylvania.  That’s even farther north than this area. Groundhogs are herbivores. They mostly eat plants and Groundhogs WILL wake up hungry.  They do have a territory to graze but it’s not large. So plants need to be actively growing when they emerge from their dens. That’s probably the best time to kill and eat one. Most of the offending, rancid, stored up fat has been utilized by the Groundhog’s body to sustain it while in its stupor state.

We might have stood vigil at its den opening with great expectation but it certainly wouldn’t be to observe it and take note of whether it saw its shadow or not. Anyway, if whether the sun was shinning on Candlemas Day was a harbinger of six more weeks of winter before Spring made an appearance, any object that was capable of casting a shadow would have sufficed, even the observer’s body.

Crocus are more dependable than a Groundhog’s shadow. I’ve seen them poking their heads up through a layer of snow and ice before Spring came around.

Groundhog’s and sunlight are not compatible in my opinion. Bright light causes them to rub their sleep-filled eyes before they can see a predator and to show up better in a rifle scope. No wonder they are afraid of it and run back down into their den for a longer nap. They appear more intelligent than your average Pilgrim on the hunt for desperation food.