Friday, February 19, 2010

Let’s pound them while they are on the ropes


Something I noticed this morning on a newscast. The topic of key-less, push-button ignitions on certain models of new cars came up.  Several people have had something unusual happen to their cars while moving along at good speed.  The brakes didn’t seem to help and for some reason, pushing the start button didn’t work like it does on windows software.  These people couldn’t turn off their car’s engines and then slow to a complete stop,

I know that Toyota is NOT the only manufacturer that produces certain models with this key-less feature. I’m certain that owners of others brands have experienced a similar problem.  And yet … the media cited only Toyota in this article’s broadcast.

I also know that in the past, Toyota has seriously kicked some American automobile company butt.  Recently Toyota has experienced some serious problems and one or two massive recalls for brakes, gas pedal and electric steering problems. 

I believe that it’s some kind of conspiracy, aimed at beating up on Toyota while trying to improve the image of American car makers. 

American’s big three car companies stuck it too we consumers for a long, long time.  They fell by the wayside as Toyota climbed to the number one sales leader.  Toyota did that by producing superior, more dependable cars for many years and then … the bottom fell out of our economy and not many were buying cars period. Every car manufacturer felt the impact of a recession and Toyota was no exception.  They recently admitted that they had cut too many corners and we now paying the price.  Right now they are in a struggle to rebuild their image by repairing all their cars with defects. They deserve at least as many years trying to recover as our own car companies had.

They haven’t needed “bailing out” yet. Give them a chance to regain their reputation and high quality standards. 

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