Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Remember when

Here's a little number that certainly brings back memories:

Sha-Na-Na was their name and man! could they do some special numbers.
Just in case you don't recall them ... there was a TV Series by that name. Here's some facts from Wikipedia:  Sha-Na-Na TV series

Sha Na Na was the name of a syndicated variety series that ran from 1977 to 1981, hosted by the popular Rock & Roll/Comedy group of the same name. The show was produced by Pierre Cossette and originally distributed by LBS Communications. Sony Pictures Television currently owns the rights to the series. Donny York, Jocko Marcellino, and Screamin' Scott Simon of the TV group continue to tour as Sha Na Na.

During the shows' opening after the cast and guests are mentioned Myers kicks off the show by saying "And now, here they are, all greased up and ready to sing their brains out, Sha Na Na!" while Jon "Bowzer" Bauman would close out each show by saying "Good night, and grease for peace!" with Sha Na Na singing "Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight" as their closing theme song.

I don't think I missed one of their shows during the time it ran. "Bowzer" was my favorite character, then again, I've always seen myself singing Bass in a Doo Wop group.  Realistically, I knew I'd never make it in that role because so often I'd try to sing along with my favorites and just couldn't hit some of those really LOW notes.  I guess "Little Darling" by The Diamonds was my uttermost favorite of them all.
Those were the days! I'll leave you with this one.

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