Friday, February 19, 2010

The Tiger is out of the Woods

This is no rumor. I witnessed it myself.

Oh it was so sad. My idol, my role model.

This morning, at ten thirty our time, the Golf Channel broadcast a special news cast that featured Tiger Woods bearing his soul and heart to the whole world, a small group of close friends and family and relatives from abroad, through his marriage to Elin.

He seemed a different Tiger than I was accustomed to seeing.  Dare I state that he appeared “Humble?”

It was a long over-due appearance before his public, fans and fellow professional golfers, whose thunder he was stealing, or so some have expressed recently to the media. Why had he chosen this day of all days, when a large, match-play tournament was being hotly contested which was being sponsored by Accenture, one of the groups which he had represented only a few months ago?

This Tiger was a subdued tiger, whose tail was between his legs, obviously ashamed of his own past behavior.

Some desired to judge him to see if he was truly “Contrite” enough to suit them.  I wonder if he was?  I thought he was being very honest and open about his behavior.  He openly admitted that in his own mind, rules that applied to other professional golfers and husbands didn’t apply to him. He was above all that.

He had strayed from his personal faith and religious upbringing.  He had forgotten all the moral teachings he received from his Mom and Dad. He admitted “I NEED HELP!” 

He was getting the best professional help available at a well known addiction clinic.  Tomorrow, he would return there for additional treatments.  I pray for his recovery, both moral and spiritual.

The most meaningful comment I believe I heard him say was, “A man’s success in life is not measured by his accomplishment but by what he overcomes.” 

Tiger Woods has a mountain in front of him. Let’s give him our support and wish him a great success and a speedy return to golf for he means so much to the sport and much of the world in general.  It won’t be easy but I believe he can do it.

I also pray that he and Elin can work things out and restore their family relationship for the benefit of all concerned.

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